Customer Experience Management Software

Customer expectations have risen in recent years due to the ubiquity of personalized, on-demand services and applications like Amazon Prime, Uber, and Airbnb. Field service organizations are no longer being compared to direct competitors, but to the last great service experience each customer has had. And today’s customer wants transparency, timeliness, and constant communication.

ClickSoftware offers unique Customer Experience Management software to enhance communication between customers and service providers, improving both customer satisfaction and the efficiency of service delivery. As customers’ preferred communication channels shift to mobile and web—so must the service business.

Customer Experience Management Software Benefits

ClickSoftware’s Click’s Customer Experience Management software gives service providers multiple bi-directional communication channels with customers. From the moment the customer has a need for service, to the time immediately following completion of the work, the customer gains greater insight into the service process and the increased communication can significantly improve the quality of service.

With our Customer Experience Management software, customers can set up service calls, receive notifications, reschedule appointments, provide additional context to the service provider, see the mobile worker’s location and provide feedback immediately following the service experience. Armed with all the customer and job information they need ahead of time, mobile workers increase job completion rates, further boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The key features of our Customer Experience Management software includes:

  • Appointment Booking and Rescheduling
    • Web-based service booking and rescheduling reduces the number of calls to the call center and the number of customer no-shows
    • Customers can interact with service providers via their preferred channels – mobile and web – increasing customer control and satisfaction
    • Appointment booking and rescheduling is integrated directly with scheduling so that customers receive valid “truth-based” appointment slots
  • Notifications and verifications
    • Customers receive confirmation of service via their preferred communication channel, and are provided with the chance to cancel or reschedule, decreasing customer no shows
  • Data Enrichment
    • Customers can provide additional information about the service need directly with to the service provider
    • Service providers have a greater understanding of issues walking into the customer site, increasing first time fix rates
    • Customers can provide exact location coordinates and access instructions, decreasing late arrivals
  • ETA Update
    • Service providers can give the customer a heads up at a preset time before the mobile worker is due to arrive, reducing the time the customer is waiting for the service provider and increasing customer satisfaction and retention
  • “Where’s My Tech?”
    • Customers receive status updates from the service provider to get full visibility into the service process
    • Customers have an increased sense of security when they see a picture of the worker who is about to arrive at their house
    • Customer satisfaction is increased as they feel more in control of the service engagement by understanding when the technician is likely to arrive
    • Service provider call center costs are reduced, often dramatically, as customers no longer need to use that expensive channel for a status update
  • Customer Surveys
    • Capture real time feedback on the service engagement, as soon as the mobile worker completes the job, improving the quality of data collected
    • Provide management with the ability to immediately address any problematic service engagements, increasing customer loyalty
    • Quickly identify patterns of technician behavior, increasing employee happiness by providing praise in areas of strength, and training in areas of weakness
    • Feed stated customer preferences back into the scheduling system to address customers’ needs in future service visits
  • Appointment Cancelation Prevention
    • Our machine-learning enabled solution can identify appointments at risk of cancelation or no-shows based on customer confirmation, weather and traffic conditions, or prior customer history
    • Dispatchers are notified about flagged at-risk appointments and can take action to reduce the likelihood

Customer Experience Management software is offered through a flexible, single platform that can be configured to create uniform branding across multiple communication channels. In addition, notifications can be configured by type, timing and frequency to meet both service provider and customer preferences. And, from a customer’s point of view, the ability to gain additional control and visibility into the service process is exceptionally straightforward. No software download or application is required for the customer, they can initiate service at their convenience via web or mobile browser.