Contractor Management Software

Real-time management of your third-party service workforce.

In today’s sophisticated service delivery market, a visit from a field service professional is often the only face to face contact a customer will have with your brand. But what if the person delivering the service is not a direct employee of your company? Increasingly, organizations hire service contractors to manage variable demand, widen service area coverage, reduce labor costs, or increase availability.

ClickSoftware’s Click Field Service Edge extends field service management beyond the internal workforce and puts the market-leading field service management solution in the hands of your contractors.

Having a network of contractors certainly has its benefits, but it also presents an array of challenges. How can you ensure the needs of your customers are being met when the service is provided by a third party?

As an enterprise service provider working with contractors, you have no doubt been faced with the following:

  1. Striking the right balance between internal workforce and contractors to address business needs
  2. Defining what type of work should be assigned to contractors
  3. Lack of visibility into capacity and real-time availability of contractors
  4. No insight into progress once work is assigned to contractor resources
  5. Diminished brand reputation due to potential service inconsistency when a contractor is doing the work

Click’s contractor management software gives enterprise service providers and their contractors greater visibility and control over the service the end customer receives. This capability presents the enterprise service provider as the single face of service to the customer (from appointments, to status updates, through completion) for brand and service consistency, while leveraging the service capacity elasticity provided by their contractors.

Managing an Outsourced Service Workforce

Gain visibility and easily define and adjust the capacity of your contractors

  • Allow service providers control over the tasks assigned to each individual contractor based on criteria such as: cost, skill, customer satisfaction or service level performance
  • Provide schedulers and dispatchers an easy view of contractor capacity for planning and decision making on-the-fly
  • Enable the assignment work to internal resources and contractors seamlessly within one solution
  • Give contractors control over when the job will be executed, within the given boundaries established by the service provider
  • Provide a low cost of entry to a field service management solution for the contractor

Real-time insight to work progress by contractors

  • Enable the service provider to see the real-time status of each job to provide a single face of service to the end-customer
  • Deliver real-time updates on job cancellations and job rejections (by contractor companies) to avoid unneeded visits, or easy re-assignment
  • Receive immediate proof of service delivery completion by sending a detailed report from the contractor to the service provider—including: fixed vs. variable charges, parts charges, the inclusion of signatures or photos, etc. for easier, less time-consuming billing

Protect brand reputation by providing a unified customer experience

  • Delight and engage your customers with real-time branded messages throughout the service life-cycle
  • Multi-channel, real-time communication with the contractors to make sure they get all the required information for providing great, timely service
  • Provide customers with branded completion reports
  • Send post-service surveys to monitor contractors’ performance


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