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Field Service Management Powered by Artificial Intelligence

ClickSoftware’s Field Service Edge (FSE) is trusted by more enterprises than any other mobile workforce management solution. Built on advanced technology and unparalleled experience, FSE helps businesses master every stage of service delivery. Get actual intelligence to help increase productivity and efficiency, decrease the cost of service operations, and optimize for business goals.

Our customers trust us to provide real operational intelligence and seamless execution of everything from demand forecasting, to scheduling and dispatching, to managing external contractors. With billions of service interactions completed using our solution, Click can provide not just unique feature sets, but proven best practices to provide maximum value.

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Scheduling & Dispatch

Fully automated intelligent scheduling and dispatch that takes into account location, skills, traffic conditions, parts availability, and dozens of other factors. Quickly reshuffle schedules when exceptions come up, and rest assured scheduling optimization happens with your goals and policies in mind.

Workforce Mobility

Our device-agnostic approach provides maximum usability and compatibility, regardless of the device or operating system. Ensure your field employees have access to communication tools, job information, and broad functionality they need to remain prepared and productive on the go.

Customer Experience

Customer expectations are rising, and organizations are no longer measured against their direct competitors—new standards have been set by the best service experience your customer has had with anyone. Our customer engagement module can help you rise to the occasion.

Resource Capacity Planning

Optimize the service chain by identifying the right workforce size and skill mix, available at the right times, ensuring resource utilization that reduces inefficiency, and boosts employee and customer satisfaction.

Demand Forecasting

Forecasting demand based on historical information and averages leads to poor resource utilization and customer frustration. Our machine learning-enabled solution learns from past engagements, but factors in weather, traffic conditions, technician skills and seniority, and more to create accurate forecasts to help effectively meet demand.

Predictive Field Service

Plan for and anticipate the unexpected with unmatched accuracy. Fix issues before they arise. Predict and prevent customer cancelations. Provide precise arrival times based on real-time traffic information.

Service Analytics

Improve service performance by understanding what works and where there is opportunity for improvement. See the bigger picture and make better informed decisions.

Contractor Management

When you trust a third-party contractor to serve your customers, you need to ensure a seamless and consistent experience. Our solution provides visibility into the contractor’s activities, ensures compliance with your company’s policies, and protects brand perception and the relationship with your customer.

Shift Planning & Management

Manage complexity with ease. The number of shift and staffing permutations available with an enterprise field workforce is staggering, so let our AI-driven solution do the hard work of matching workers to shifts based on your policies and their preferences.

The Benefits of Smarter Field Service Management

  • Strategic service and customer engagement: Respond with faster, more reliable, and more personal service
  • Optimize the value of every interaction: Leverage customer data and social channels to create an experience that delights customers, strengthens loyalty, and grows revenue
  • Do more with less: Apply AI, automatic workflows, and mobile assistants to eliminate every moment of inefficiency
  • Operationalize data: Convert data into actions intelligently and automatically to make it more consumable and available to mitigate and eliminate emergencies in the field
  • Shift from reactive to predictive: Proactively plan to address service requirements

Why Choose ClickSoftware?

ClickSoftware's experience from hundreds of enterprise deployments over the last two decades has identified the need for a holistic approach to field service management that addresses the processes and policies that guide service delivery even before the technology and change management needed to support it.

As the earliest pioneer to target the goal of optimizing service delivery more than 20 years ago, ClickSoftware's community of customers has demonstrated to industry peers how to address the unique aspects of deploying a solution that addresses the immediate needs of fire-fighting in daily operations.

ClickSoftware solutions also recognize the fact that it is often decisions that are made before the day of service, such as resource capacity planning, or after, such as service analytics, that are critical to success. This vision of a service chain, from demand management through to analytics, is optimized within and across service roles and shared by all enterprises in the ClickSoftware Community; only ClickSoftware's solutions can support this entire journey.

As a partner, hub of service knowledge, and provider of the market-leading field service management (FSM) solution, we bring our customers' experience supporting literally billions of service engagements to bear in order to answer the most frequently asked question among those who seek to transform service, "What do other organizations like us do?".

True Field Service Optimization using Artificial Intelligence

Transforming how service is delivered has never been more critical. Industry leaders are embracing a transformation of service to leverage service professionals as brand ambassadors. Whether performing customer-facing work, or maintaining an infrastructure – service has become a differentiator in the context of ever-decreasing product margins.

ClickSoftware Field Service Edge (FSE) has a solid foundation built from millions of hours of development over many years, continually incorporating enhancements learned from our community of service management leaders who strive to optimize every aspect of the service chain. Already integrated with leading CRM, ERP, and BI applications, our solutions run on the most robust cloud infrastructure with global availability.