We know what works because we’ve spent over twenty years working with your peers transforming technology investments into business impact. ClickSoftware’s onboarding, implementation, training, and business consulting services offer our customers the right guidance to get the most out of their field service management solutions. Avoid business disruptions and achieve a more rapid return on investment that only Click can provide.

Turn to our professional services team for:

  • Proven field service management (FSM) project plans
  • Product advice
  • Field service business expertise
  • User adoption best practices

The experience that comes from powering billions of field service engagements, and helping nearly a million field service professionals every day, makes ClickSoftware Professional Services the most knowledgeable partner for all of your service needs.

“Not only did we thoroughly go through system requirements, but the ClickSoftware team ensured user needs were taken into account to drive rapid adoption.” - Fernando Peláez Tapias, UNE IT Technical Leader

Additionally, the collective experience of the ClickSoftware Community delivers value through sharing best practices online, and from networking at ClickSoftware events with the world’s most forward-thinking and demanding service providers: ClickSoftware customers.

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Field Service Onboarding Services

Get up and running, fast. We put our experience to work for you to deliver value quickly.

We know new technologies and process changes can be disruptive. We help our customers minimize this risk because we come prepared with a library of real-life best practices for change management that improve user acceptance, adoption and satisfaction with the solution. We complement these capabilities with mobility features that leverage gamification to make changes easier and more enjoyable for field service technicians.

At the core of our implementation and migration service offering is our Service Optimization Lean Implementation & Deployment (SOLID) methodology, an delivery process rooted in agile methodology that creates a deep and collaborative partnership with our customers to drive rapid results that produce the highest value and ensure uncompromising quality.
SOLID builds upon the foundation of agile project management and is augmented with the knowledge and experience we have gained over thousands of projects. Our proven approach increases project speed and return on investment by leveraging the processes that have been most successful and efficient throughout the years.

Ready to learn how Click’s proven onboarding process can deliver value quickly, promote user adoption, and help avoid disruptions in your field service? Contact us

Enhanced Workforce Management Implementation Services

When it’s time to implement, integrate, upgrade or migrate any aspect of a ClickSoftware solution, there is no more valuable asset than our dedicated Mobile Workforce Management Professional Services experts working side-by-side with your project team to provide best practice insight on how best to leverage the application to achieve the desired business outcomes.

The business value and quantifiable results from working with ClickSoftware Professional Services don’t end with the successful deployment of the solution – they start there. The ability to leverage our knowledgeable Professional Service resources is an exclusive asset to our customers, regardless of where you are in your lifecycle. Our journey starts together with a discovery process in advance of implementation, rolls into the deployment, and then covers all aspects of post deployment services delivering continuous improvement and service enhancements to the business. We work side by side with your team to reduce project risk, drive rapid time-to-value, and maximize user adoption.

“I’ve been through many migrations in my career, this was a great process. The team at ClickSoftware was very responsive and helpful. It was a positive experience all around”. - Jonathan Liss, Manager, Business Applications – Information Technology at StuyTown

Reduce project risk and deliver rapid time-to-value by implementing your mobile workforce management solution with Click. Contact us

Service Management Training Services

Our education specialists offer a range of role-based courses that will ensure proficiency including product overviews, user training and refresher courses.

ClickSoftware's professional trainers ensure you are fully equipped to get the most out your technology investment. Courses are offered via eLearning, on-site at your premises, or in one of our dedicated training centers. View available training options.

  • eLearning courses use a state of the art online learning system to offer participants a comfortable and seamless training experience including a self-guided website which can be used for study purposes.
  • Classroom courses can be tailored for participants who prefer training sessions led by a live instructor. These courses are specifically designed for different types of users, from dispatchers and developers to systems administrators and implementation teams.
  • Certification Programs ensure each team develops the right mix of functional and technical skills.

Learn how to get the most out of your investment & ensure user adoption by taking advantage of Click’s flexible training services. Contact us.

Business Consulting Services

Our experienced consultants have one mission: to help your business deliver higher value no matter how rapidly your organization is experiencing change. Whether you are looking to meet new business goals, or instituting change, our consultants are ready to help.

Our business consulting services span four critical phases on your journey for field service excellence.

  • Data & Process Automation – data quality, system configurations
  • User Adoption - change management, schedule automation adoption, field process adherence
  • Field Service Optimization – resource and geography coverage optimization
  • Customer Experience Optimization – customer self-service, customer segmentation, customer communication, unique customer experience