Top Electric, Gas and Water utilities around the globe use ClickSoftware for Mobile Workforce Management and Service Optimization.

A digital transformation is occurring within the utilities industry. Driven by new technologies and on-demand service expectations set by companies such as Netflix, Amazon, and Uber. To succeed, utilities must re-think all aspects of their business model and digitally transform their operations to meet new demands.

ClickSoftware’s solutions for electric, gas, and water utilities maximize the productive use of utility field and plant resources, optimize asset uptime, and increase customer satisfaction with end-to-end enterprise workforce service optimization, mobilized for customer service and operations groups. The leading industry analysts such as Gartner and Info-Tech Worldwide recognize ClickSoftware’s ability to execute implementations at the largest electric, gas and water utilities.

Benefits of ClickSoftware Solutions

Utilities field service organizations have access to vast amounts of data, from IoT sensors to traditional account information. However, gaining actionable insights from this data can be time consuming and resource heavy.

The agility and flexibility of a cloud-based field service management solution allows your organization to analyze this information quickly, enabling you to make more efficient business decisions and manage increasingly demanding regulatory forces.

Click field service management solution benefits include:

  • Enhanced Regulatory Compliance: Higher authorized Return on Equity (ROE) and higher customer satisfaction scores (J. D. Power).
  • Reliability Center Solutions Lower costs and time of restoration per customer with increased reliability and safety compliance for natural gas and water utilities.
  • Lower Cost to Serve Customer service and operations optimization to reduce overall OpEx and CapEx cost for utilities' financial viability.
  • Environmental Compliance Reduce carbon footprint and GHG emissions for utilities mitigating the cost of penalties related to EPA standards.
  • Smart Metering Deployment Optimization Best practice approach for Smart Meter Implementations, reducing overall cost of deployment, enhanced customer engagement and risk mitigation.
  • Grid OT/IT-Storm Management Maximize resources (internal, contractors, and mutual aid) for restoration purposes at the lowest cost and in the shortest estimated restoration times (ERT), as safely as possible thereby improving the customer experience and mitigating regulatory penalties.

Case Study

M.U.D. of Omaha Reduces Emergency Response Times by 40%

Metropolitan Utilities District of Omaha serves about 220,000 gas and water customers in the Omaha, Nebraska metropolitan area. Emergency services are common in the natural gas industry, meaning reducing emergency response times was one of their primary objectives.

Don Lytle, Functional/Technical Analyst, explains how moving to an automated field service management solution helped M.U.D of Omaha get to emergencies faster and increase productivity. Learn more in the video below.