Optimize the performance of the entire rail infrastructure & prevent operation gaps by automating assignment of shifts and tasks to the right qualified staff.

ClickSoftware for Rail is a holistic workforce management platform that includes capacity planning, shift planning, scheduling, and mobility solutions. ClickSoftware supports both railway companies and operators to determine not only who works when but also who does what within the shift.

The Right Tools For The Job

ClickSoftware for rail can accommodate the resulting dynamic resource demand. The solution ensures there are just enough resources with the right skill, at the right location, and time to run the railway operation with the right level of speed, availability, comfort, punctuality and reliability.

  • Increase Passenger Satisfaction: Fewer service delays due to lack of necessary staff to run the train by ensuring adequate trail attendance.
  • Increase Productivity: Maximize the productive time of staff by automating the creation of optimal shift structures, rotations and scheduling of activities within shifts.
  • Improve Reliability: Reshuffle schedules and staff in real time as changes occur throughout the day that threaten the level of service.
  • Increase Compliance: Automated union rules and fatigue index calculations taken into account during the scheduling process.
  • Higher Employee Satisfaction: Ease shift and vacation management by enabling shift selection and absence requests via the engineer’s mobile device.
  • Anticipate & React: Proactively manage gaps in staff and skill sets by building scenarios to help plan for dynamic changes to the business.

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