Public Sector

Deliver high-quality and efficient public services to maximize budgets and ensure accountability.

In a very skeptical and media oriented society, public sector organizations must remain reliable, transparent, and accountable. Identification of clear objectives, development of crystal clear processes, adapted checks and balances, accountability and communication must be at the forefront for all administrators. Meanwhile, insufficient budgets require accomplishing all of this with greater efficiency than ever before.

Tools Tailored For The Public Sector Needs

ClickSoftware balances all of these expectations by providing the right tools, tailored to address the specific needs of the public sector through resource capacity planning, shift scheduling, low-cost mobility and service performance measurement. ClickSoftware drives down costs and response times for emergencies to improve quality of life, protect and serve citizens.

  • Ensure Sufficient Resources: Consistently meet needed capacity and proactively build what-if scenarios to plan for exceptions and emergencies.
  • Ease Budgetary Pressures: Reduce operating costs by more efficiently scheduling shifts and routing mobile workers.
  • Maintain Constant Visibility: View the workforce on a map with direct access to the day’s order for maximum control.
  • Increase Employee Satisfaction: Provide workers mobile access to their work schedules to select vacation and working preferences.
  • Bolster Union Relations: Improve policy compliance with unions and regulators by automating the enforcement of rules and regulations.
  • Market Service Success: Measure and report anytime on trends and improvements in services provided and budget saved.

Case Study

Auckland Council Enhances Customer Experiences and Boosts Productivity with FSM