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Handling the complex, diverse, and shifting mobile resource management needs within the Oil & Gas world to streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve profitability.

Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream Oil & Gas companies face a broad range of complexities. They attempt to leverage their people, equipment, and crews for a wide range of field, asset and plant activities. Work is a combination of planned projects and recurring and emergent activities. It demands diverse capabilities to prepare complex plans while handling reactive needs.

ClickSoftware service solutions provide transparent and immediate accessibility to all resources. They ensure personnel are properly skilled, certified, and equipped. The solutions seamlessly identify tools and equipment, considering every detail. This includes maintenance schedules, operating procedures, quality notifications, and more. These jobs can be recurring inspections and treatments. Likewise, they could be resource-intense projects that require teams of varied roles, shift assignments, and complex staged interactions.

Click solutions address these complexities, while interacting with your existing EAM, ERP, HR and/or CRM systems. We merge accessibility and visibility into a single operational tool. Our scheduling, mobility, and reporting tools ensure a streamlined solution to initiate, assign, monitor, dispatch, and collect all work details. This reduces costs and increases profit, while enforcing adherence to defined policies and work procedures.

The Oil & Gas world is dynamic. It requires agility that relies on an absolute awareness of everything within the operation. Click’s inherent flexibility, and decades of focus on mobile field resource management, allow you to address the problem. As the Oil & Gas market encounter innovations in technology, ClickSoftware provides the right tools, experience, and flexibility for this complex market.


Upstream Oil & Gas service organizations strive towards efficiency and differentiation from competitors. ClickSoftware’s solution for oilfield services ensures a streamlined process and absolute awareness across the business.

No matter the complexity, the result is an order to cash process that cuts days sales outstanding (DSO) and dramatically reduces billing contention. Having immediate access to every resource, and awareness of all jobs within a single operational view, allows upstream service organizations operational awareness. That allows for better management, visibility, and immediate access to all the details to institute an optimal allocation of resources.

Upstream providers are equipped with the details and inherent connectivity across the operation. This shifts resources to where and when they produce the highest return with the lowest costs.


The asset-centric world of Midstream Oil & Gas demands an ability to address all stages in the life cycle of an asset. This means absolute awareness of available resources and outstanding commitments to make the most effective use of skilled personnel, tools and equipment.

ClickSoftware includes the facilities to define and manage asset installations, inspections, maintenance, and repairs within the single solution instance. At the same time, we address the broad differences on a precise level. The result is a live, consolidated view of all past, current, and future work. And with that, the ability to instantly balance adherence to regulatory and business policies. This includes assignment of crews, personnel, tools and equipment, while reducing administrative efforts in the office and field.

Within the ClickSoftware solution, operations learn from the past, dynamically react to emergent needs of the present, and appropriately align for future success. For instance, working within their smartphones, tablets and/or laptops, field personnel are equipped with asset relevant details to help successfully and safely complete their work with less administrative overhead.

Context-aware support facilities help ensure compliance with the relevant process. They also ensure exposure and collection of required details (e.g. work order history, JSA procedures, SOP/SWI, required tools, materials/parts used) in the context of what is being worked on and at what stage in the process.

With the shift of field and office personnel time from administrative efforts to productivity, gains are realized in process adherence, consistency, and quality. Critically, the business is equipped to adapt and adjust the solution to best suit the market and its own goals.


It’s crucial to increase employee productivity (“wrench time”) within the downstream sector of oil and gas. This ensures optimal production, reduces unplanned outages, and operates safely. The number of factors requiring consideration and the dynamic nature of the problem make this a daunting problem to solve.

ClickSoftware’s industry leading mobile resource management facilities provide the intelligence, speed and transparency required to address the complexities. Meanwhile, we provide the flexibility to adapt the solution to future needs.

Intelligent scheduling features allow you to assign work orders with consideration of each requirement and assess every detail of each individual resource. Skills, tools, parts, date/time constraints, permit disposition, and status of related activities are considered throughout execution. This level of precision ensures absolute adherence to the operating constraints as plans are produced. This all while adjusting the plan with emergent details and supporting a very precise view of what occurs.

ClickSoftware solutions expose services to connect into the existing infrastructure and interact with EAM and HR systems to streamline the process and support a consolidated view of all operations. This transparency ensures an accurate view of what is planned, what has been approved, what is currently underway, and what has been completed.

In addition to the ability to produce and execute on planned schedules, this increased operational awareness allows ClickSoftware facilities to optimize the assignment of personnel to shifts and ensure the appropriate level of coverage.

The combination of aligning shift assignment to work demand and supporting precise scheduling and dispatch equips downstream operations with the facilities to improve wrench time. This reduces backlog and cuts down on unplanned outages and streamlining turnarounds.

By adding the flexibility of ClickSoftware solutions to adapt to ongoing changes, downstream operators can increase efficiency to maximize production while still improving safety whichever way the market turns.

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