Keep your highest value assets producing with optimized predictive maintenance and instant repair response.

ClickSoftware’s solutions for heavy equipment and manufacturing maximizes both uptime and usability of the customer’s major investments, from field-based diggers and haulers, to medical imaging and production line machinery. When spending millions on an asset that rapidly depreciates, avoiding even minimal downtime is mission critical—and exactly what ClickSoftware does.

Just as crucial as equipment uptime is being reliable to your customers. Click helps manufacturers provide transparency into service and keep communication open.

Right Person, Right Tools

ClickSoftware's optimized scheduling automatically coordinates the best time for the asset and the personnel to eliminate premature maintenance and the productivity loss that results. When production breakdowns inevitably occur, mobility and workforce scheduling solutions get the right person to that asset, with the right tools.

Moreover, flexible scheduling, visibility into a technician’s location, and streamlined communication can help improve the customer experience.

Click can help manufacturers improve uptime and delight customers by:

  • Maximizing Equipment Uptime: Move from periodic maintenance to usage and telematics for optimized maintenance based on need.
  • Reducing Service Costs: Share engineers across and between sites with GPS and optimized emergency dispatch.
  • Minimizing Production Interruptions: Onsite and traveling engineers get there promptly, and with everything they need to fix problems the first time, every time.
  • Reducing Knowledge Bottlenecks: Move critical knowledge from the most senior engineers to everyone in the field via mobility.
  • Extending Asset Longevity: Eliminate the need to choose between stretching production and downtime prevention.
  • Increasing Restoration Visibility: View updates from the site for equipment status and estimated return to production.

Case Study

Diebold Nixdorf Automates Scheduling and Provides Visibility for Customers

Diebold Nixdorf is the largest global manufacturer and servicer of financial self-service equipment, such as ATMs. Diebold Nixdorf’s customers rely on their equipment to work because their business and customer satisfaction depends on it. For instance, banks and consumers rely on their ability to deposit and withdraw funds on-demand with an ATM. If people can’t access their money, they will not be happy.

Global Service Technology Director Richard Johnstun discusses how AI-driven automated scheduling allows his team to manage aggressive service level agreements (SLAs) against millions of job tickets. He also explains how his team provides better customer service, and how he can access single-source data related to capacity planning and workforce management. Learn more in the video below.