Insurance Workforce Management Software

Streamline Loss Control, Premium Audit and Claims Adjusting Operations with Real-time Scheduling and Mobile Field Force Optimization.

Changing customer expectations around service delivery have put a strain on insurance carriers existing systems and processes.

Customers now expect real-time interactions through their preferred method of communication, targeted appointment windows and have little patience for missed or late appointment arrivals. And, if customers’ needs are not met, they are very willing to change carriers to find the level of service they demand. While insurance carriers are well aware of the need to digitally transform their operations to provide better service, existing legacy IT systems and traditional operational approaches limit flexibility to react to this new environment. Until insurance carriers upgrade their core systems to improve service, they are at risk of losing customers to more modern carriers with digitally friendly field service platforms.

Benefits of ClickSoftware for Insurance

Click provides an industry leading cloud based field service management solution based on over 20 years of industry experience. The solution covers the optimization and scheduling of loss control inspectors,  insurance adjusters, and premium auditors to improve customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention while also reducing overall expense. 

Watch the video below to learn about the impact ClickSoftware's field service management solution can have on your insurance business.


Service becomes convenient, personal and instant. 

  • Customers interact with you via their preferred channels – mobile and web – increasing customer control and satisfaction
  • Customers can now set up service calls, receive automated notifications, reschedule appointments, provide additional context to the service provider, see the mobile worker’s location and provide feedback immediately following the service experience.
  • Faster appraisal, underwriting and claims process with our AI based scheduling capabilities that predict appointment and travel times while also constantly fine tuning in-day routing to optimize appointment windows to meet continually elevating customer expectations

Scheduling, Assignment and Routing

Service becomes visible, centralized and productivity-driven. 

  • Policy-based appointments based on regional preferences, corporate priorities and seasonal or catastrophic events to drive enhanced customer experience
  • Intelligent, automated scheduling to increase productivity and enhanced customer experience
  • Integrated service with your existing claim(s) FNOL system(s) to drive a seamless employee and customer experience across your legacy environment
  • Automated Surveys, analytics and reporting to measure business performance, spot newly emerging trends and drive continuous improvement

Field Adjusters, Loss Control and Premium Auditors

The service they deliver is more productive and focused on high performance and timeliness. 

  • Real-time updates coming from the field, including live traffic updates and intelligent in-day schedule optimization that increases productivity and customer satisfaction
  • Mobile workforce management solution provides insights into availability of resources, automated text messages about any changes and  access to all the information on the assignment to speed resolution
  • Direct communication with regional or central dispatchers and others in the field ensure that every moment of every interaction is safe, efficient, and effective

ClickSoftware’s technology helps deliver value through enhanced efficiency, effectiveness, and customer experience. To meet rising customer expectations and to compete more effectively, insurance companies need to provide more convenient and streamlined services. With intelligent scheduling optimization, organizations can improve productivity and maximize utilization of their field based workforce. And using advanced algorithms to analyze real time and historical data, Click can automatically make the best decisions for your business.

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