Accelerate competitive advantage through individualized customer service that delivers operational agility, effectiveness and efficiency while reducing costs.

There is extreme pressure to dramatically improve customer experience while controlling costs within the Property and Casualty Insurance market. Increasing customer expectations pressure organizations to innovate customer-centric approaches that engage and retain customers with individualized service. Yet, the fundamental business processes must be addressed.

Appraisals, inspections, investigations, and catastrophic events must be managed to the customer’s satisfaction, while allowing the business to thrive. The inherent complexities of addressing these planned and unplanned activities— whether they occur at the asset location, in a field office, or at the site of a catastrophe—require a high level of precision to balance the opposing objectives of providing exceptional service and profitability.

The legacy solutions and approaches limits the providers’ ability to reach this level of precision. The status quo also restricts the ability to improve, continually bringing the business back to the same starting point.

ClickSoftware enables Insurance P&C providers to address the wide ranging market complexities. This, all while balancing the conflicts to consistently individualize and expedite customers’ appraisals, inspections and claims. Our industry experience and well-known market leading solutions provide the capabilities to accommodate the wide ranging variability, scalability and agility to quickly address the current and future needs, delivering:

  • Improve Customer Loyalty: The ability to evolve every interaction with the customer creates happier customers and more contract renewals.
  • Reduce Time from FNOL to Settlement: Collect the atomic level of detail at all stages to improve operational awareness.
  • Reduce Operating Costs: Reduce costs with increased awareness, faster speeds, and consolidation of IT Systems.
  • Increase Operational Awareness: Increase precision and speed to improve operational awareness.
  • Improve Effective Use of Resources: Prioritize and optimize the use of resources by increasing the level of awareness addressed at every stage.
  • Institute Continual Improvement: Leverage machine learning to expose how and where to adjust for what gain.

Ever Increasing Customer Expectations

Customer expectations continue to dramatically increase in all field services markets—especially within in the Insurance world. If you can’t differentiate your services to address these demands, this trend will only get worse.

ClickSoftware solutions provide the tools to get it right with every customer interaction. That first call from a customer is crucial. If it’s a potential customer looking to insure his boat or a home owner providing FNOL, the call taker must be equipped to present the best offering.

Click provides the services that consider every detail of the customer and their need. This is all while assessing each individual resource—qualifications, location, availability, and working hours. Likewise, our technology provides real-time and predictive travel considerations. This offers up availability consistent with the relevant business policy.

This rapid and precise access to availability allows the call-taker to quickly deliver a firm commitment, tailored to the customer needs and selected by the customer at the initial point of contact. Using this approach, call center personnel end up taking more calls, customers feel more engaged, and time is better spent on all sides.

ClickSoftware solutions also ease the training of call center employees. They apply the appropriate business policies to quickly and consistently present individualized options. Additionally, this absolute access to availability improves utilization of personnel and shortens the lead time for customer appointments. One user of Click solutions cut their lead time from 5 days to just 1.

After the initial customer interaction, Click provides the facilities to keep customers well-informed, deploying an omni-channel approach to interact with customers.

In addition to exposing its services to an insurer’s existing systems and website, Click (based on individual customer preferences) delivers text, and email notifications on disposition of customer’s service. Each individual customer can request the timing and form of notification that best suits their needs.

Additionally, if the service requires a site visit with the customer, ClickSoftware’s Customer Engagement Module will deliver a link to view the travel progress of the appraiser with a picture and any other details to comfort and aid the customer. Such updates dramatically cut down on incoming customer calls, while providing an improved experience for each customer. Cancellation and rebooking features are also exposed in the links, adding another avenue for customers to quickly and easily address their own needs.

Click’s strict adherence to the defined service policy and ability to apply contextual logic, workflows, and restrictions will ensure the customer gets the right resource at the right time, the first time.

As customer expectations continue to increase, Clicks solutions are specifically architected to adapt to quickly adjust to changing needs. This ability to evolve and target each interaction with the customer at every stage ensures increased expectations are addressed. At the same time, it provides the opportunity to introduce innovative approaches to entice customer loyalty.

Handling Complexity

Embrace complexity, as it allows you to differentiate your business. Insurance P&C is a highly competitive market. By increasing the level of awareness and precision addressed at every stage, a provider is equipped to deliver individualized service to its customers. They can prioritize and optimize the use of its resources. And they can increase consistent adherence to business goals, while defining and delivering balance.

ClickSoftware solutions address the complexities demanded by the insurance market. This includes the ability to vary considerations across activities, resources, timeframes, territories, and customers. For instance, consider auto claims. With this solution, you can interactively expose appointments for appropriate drive-in or DRP locations. You'll have full awareness of customer’s location, employee and third party availability, capabilities, cost, and predictive travel. This quickly presents precise and appropriate options to a customer to select from.

Likewise, Click incorporates awareness of relevant local complexities. If it’s August in Phoenix, AZ and the customer requires an inspection of their roof, the solution considers the time of day to expose only early morning options. This will avoid health and safety concerns.

Click’s solutions address these complexities with unparalleled speed. This helps increase the calls per call center representative; reduce training efforts for call center employees; improve the accuracy and quality of the appointment offered; improve access and utilization of available personnel; and make a more considerate use of a customer’s time.

Click solutions collect the atomic level of detail at all stages, from FNOL to settlement. And we use these details to offer options to improve future performance. This increased precision and speed improves operational awareness, while pointing to where better can be achieved.

Evolve or Take on Risk

Agility is essential within the competitive insurance marketplace. ClickSoftware solutions are specifically designed to support and target continual improvement. A static homogeneous MWFM solution may address one aspect of the business and some customer needs, but once delivered becomes a relic representing what was required. The varied needs within the industry’s customer base demand variability within the solution.

Click solutions not only address this variability down to a customer level, but also account for inevitable changes that occur over time. Our industry-leading technology goes further than simply allowing for adaptability and variability in all aspects of the solution. It has features that have been core to our capabilities for over 20 years.

Our solutions also leverage machine learning to expose how and where to adjust the approach. This automated insight, combined with the wealth of precise data captured throughout the life cycle of every customer experience, delivers an awareness to improve decisions. This includes decisions on where to adapt, as well as automation to recognize and adapt to trends for maximum benefit. By leveraging these capabilities, organizations can break out of the limitations forced on them by static systems, and institute a culture of continual improvement.

Click solutions work in conjunction with your CRM, ERP, HR and/or Claims Management systems. They leverage available details, bridge data and process gaps, and constantly keep connected systems up to date. ClickSoftware’s years of experience and long standing analyst-praised innovation, allow our solutions to minimize impact to the existing infrastructure, while maximizing the benefits delivered by our industry-leading mobile workforce management solution.

Case Study

Suramericana Improves Visibility with Real-Time Communication

Suramericana is one of the largest insurance companies in Latin America. Their goal is to provide positive customer experiences with high quality, quick, and efficient service. Quick and efficient service is especially important when assisting customers through a car accident—they could be dealing with a life or death situation. Their customers need attention right away, and want to know when they can expect help.

Suramericana IT Analyst Mario Aristizabal explains his team uses real-time communication and location tracking to improve visibility for customers. They've also optimized their business process with AI-driven automatic scheduling. Learn more in the video below.

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