Strengthening Your Healthcare Business with Field Service Solutions

How a Healthcare Scheduling Solution Can Help Increase Stakeholder Satisfaction & Boost Your Bottom Line.

The Healthcare Industry Landscape

Thanks in large part to the increasing service demands of the aging Baby Boomer generation, the healthcare industry is experiencing explosive growth. In fact, over the last decade, home health aid is among the fastest growing job sectors in the U.S., experiencing a whopping 46% increase between 2007 and 2017.

It’s an undeniable boon for the healthcare industry. This growth, however, isn’t without challenges.

Worker shortages are an ever-present problem. High turnover rates combined with low retention rates create problems for organizations trying to keep up with demand and grow their bottom lines. In addition, patients have understandably high expectations—and issues such as poor communication, lack of training, and multiple caregivers are among their primary concerns with the care they receive.

So, how can healthcare providers build a happy workforce, deliver on patient needs, and grow their business?

Automated, real-time field service solutions for healthcare scheduling optimization could be just what the doctor ordered, helping you streamline operations to reduce costs, deliver more personalized service, and satisfy your employees.

Improving Consistency to Increase Caregiver Satisfaction

The home care sector saw a staggering 66.7% median caregiver turnover rate in 2017. And while several factors were at play, when it comes to those who quit, consistency was likely part of their decision. In fact, according to a recent study, inconsistent patient assignment is one of the top reasons a home health aide may want to leave his or her current job. Incidentally, this is a top patient concern, too.

Simply put, caregivers want and expect consistency in scheduling. Not only do they want to ensure patients are receiving the care they need, but they also want to ensure their own livelihood. And a robust healthcare field service solution can help.

Improve Assignment Consistency

With adaptive capacity forecasting, a home care scheduling tool like ClickSoftware’s Field Service Edge Platform uses historical performance information to determine the expected workload by geography, time, and work type. This not only provides a clear picture of upcoming patient demands, but also helps make the right patient and caregiver match, and minimize bench time.

Add Flexibility and Mobility

From real-time traffic updates and route optimization to automated mobile timesheets, home care scheduling software adds mobility and simplifies administrative tasks so caregivers can focus on delivering great care.

Increase Job Satisfaction

By streamlining and optimizing scheduling, as well as increasing flexibility and easing reporting demands, caregivers will feel valued and empowered.

The bottom line? Field service scheduling solutions can help caregivers do their best work. And when caregivers feel confident in the work they’re doing, they’ll keep their confidence in you as a great employer. 

66.7% was the median caregiver turnover rate across the home healthcare space in 2017. - Source

Delivering Personalization to Patients

Personalization is one of the most important attributes to patients. After all, they’re inviting a caregiver into their home and putting their health in the provider’s hands. Healthcare organizations have the power to meet these expectations by using scheduling software to offer more personalized care.

Improve Communication

From real-time status updates to narrower appointment windows, scheduling software enables clear and accurate communication with patients at every touchpoint. This not only helps patients feel their needs are being met, but enhances their overall experience.

Prioritize Punctuality

One of the biggest benefits of field service software is creating clear timelines and expectations. Through predictive scheduling optimization, caregivers will have the most up-to-date traffic information and details on the fastest routes, so patients can expect in-window arrival.

Deliver the Right Care

Your patients all have unique care needs—and those needs can change on a dime. Healthcare scheduling software provides flexible scheduling and access to the most up-to-date patient information, so you can adapt to sudden high-priority appointment needs. You can also make sure all your patients are matched with caregivers who have the right skill set and credentials to deliver the right care.

Lack of communication and poor punctuality are two of the most frequent complaints from patients about home healthcare. - Source

Driving Operational Wins

The growth of the global healthcare market shows no signs of slowing down. But staying competitive in this evolving space is a delicate balancing act for providers. Not only do you need to stay on top of compliance and changing policy. You must also ensure you’re finding and keeping talented workers who can deliver patients with the care they need and deserve—all while bolstering your bottom line and growing your business.

Healthcare field service solutions allow you to optimize your resources and the experience of your employee and patient stakeholders in several ways.

Boost Productivity & Efficiency

Productivity and efficiency are directly tied to your bottom line. With proactive scheduling capabilities and adaptive capacity planning, you have the ability to maximize your caregiver resources—allowing you to deliver quality, efficient care to more patients.

Surface New Opportunities

The true beauty of tools like ClickSoftware’s field service software for healthcare is that they’re constantly collecting, analyzing, and re-optimizing to achieve the best possible results. In addition, the breadth of data allows you to better understand trends and track key performance indicators, so you can make data-informed staffing and service decisions—all while maintaining compliance and keeping data safe.

Drive Revenue

From reducing travel costs to maximizing your workforce, scheduling optimization software can help you drive efficiencies and capitalize on opportunities in a way that drives continuous business value.

The overall home healthcare market is forecasted to reach roughly $364.7 billion by 2022. - Source

Write Yourself a Prescription for Scheduling Optimization

There’s no doubt that the healthcare industry faces challenges. Both patients and caregivers have legitimate concerns with communication, scheduling, and consistency. And you’re tasked with tackling these concerns while maintaining compliance and reaching business goals.

But healthcare field service software featuring a robust suite of scheduling optimization options offers solutions to these challenges. Scheduling optimization software can help you grab hold of opportunity by enhancing productivity and efficiency to deliver quality care and value for all.

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