Healthcare Scheduling Software

Streamline post-acute home care, member care and other specialized healthcare services with optimized scheduling and mobile workforce optimization.

The healthcare market is undergoing many changes, including:

  • Rapidly growing patient population that wants to stay at home
  • New payment models such as value-based care to help reduce costs
  • Staffing shortages to meet demand
  • Market consolidation to deliver economies of scale

So, how can healthcare providers build a happy workforce, deliver on patient needs, and grow their business?

Automated, real-time field service solutions with scheduling optimization could be just what the doctor ordered, helping you streamline operations to reduce costs, deliver more personalized service, and engage your employees.

Segments Served

Click’s solution is beneficial to many different segments in the healthcare space, including:

Post-Acute and Home Care Member Care Management Specialized Services
Concierge Medicine Care Coordination Visits R&D Field Visits
Home Health Home Screenings First Dose Observation
Home Infusion Risk Assessments In Home CRO
Hospice and Palliative Care Case Management Evidence Collection
ABA Services Complex Care Management Repair and Maintenance

Benefits of ClickSoftware

Patients and providers have legitimate concerns with communication, scheduling and consistency. And you’re tasked with tackling these concerns while maintaining compliance, adjusting to value-based care requirements and reaching business goals.

But field service management software featuring a robust suite of scheduling optimization options offers solutions to these challenges. Scheduling optimization software can help you grab hold of opportunity by enhancing productivity and efficiency to deliver quality care and value for all.

Benefits for Patients

  • Improve Communication: From real-time status updates to more specific appointment times, scheduling software enables clear and accurate communication with patients at every touchpoint.
  • Decrease Late Arrivals: Through predictive scheduling optimization, care providers will have the most up-to-date traffic information and details on the fastest routes, so patients know when they will arrive.
  • Deliver the Right Care: Click’s software enables you to match the right care provider and clinician based on skill set and patient need.

Benefits for Healthcare Organizations

  • Attract and Retain Staff: With scheduling and demand forecasting you can provide your employees with a consistent and long term schedule so they can plan their lives better.
  • Mobile Management: From real-time traffic updates and route optimization to automated mobile timesheets, scheduling software adds mobility and simplifies administrative tasks so providers can focus on delivering great care.
  • Financial Impact: From reducing travel and overtime costs through efficient routing, scheduling optimization software can help you drive efficiencies and capitalize on opportunities in a way that drives continuous business value.

Healthcare providers who want to be successful need to invest in the technologies that can improve operations, engagement and efficiency. With ClickSoftware, healthcare providers can improve in these areas while also delivering exceptional care that meets and exceeds expectations.