Facilities Management Software

Improve operational awareness, reduce backlog, increase customer and employee satisfaction—all while reducing costs.

Getting more done with less is the mantra for all facilities management organizations. Without the right facilities management software, battling against costs, aging assets, and escalating customer expectations is an uphill battle.

Legacy tools and approaches address backlog and customer expectations by adding personnel or increasing workloads. But these methods contradict the overriding need to reduce costs. They require dramatic increases in operating costs, which is simply unsustainable.

Increasing customer expectations only add to the pressures on facility management. The unsung types of work (like routine maintenance), are often deferred to address more immediate needs. This leads to increased backlog and risk, as routine maintenance work is continually pushed out for the more immediate dramas. It is essential to contribute to the overall burden on operations and enforce safety procedures for your personnel and end customers.

Combined, these factors contribute to present an apparent conundrum. Addressing these issues requires increasing personnel, administration efforts, and thus a dramatic and unacceptable increase in operating costs. That is, unless you have the right facility management solution.

Provide the Facilities Management Software Your Personnel Needs to Succeed

Making the best use of all available resources requires acceptance from the people involved. The tried and true approach is to provide the tools needed to ease each user’s job and allow them to be more effective in what they do.

No one likes paperwork. And double entry into a system is a poor use of anyone’s time. Managers, supervisors, service professionals, and contractors all benefit from a streamlined solution that exposes and collects details relevant to their individual needs. This, all without having to fill out a piece of paper.

ClickSoftware’s inherently connected solution allows work to flow from CRM, EAM, ERP, and legacy scheduling and dispatch systems to smartphones, tablets, and laptops. All necessary details are distributed for users to be effective and efficient.

Supervisors can assign tasks to their reports, monitor their progress, and receive alerts on critical issues while in the office or remote. They can also compare past activity with future needs to incorporate changes and continually improve.

Field personnel get an exact picture of what they need to get done, along with clear instructions to answer all the necessary questions (where, when, with what parts/tools, for whom, and how). Safety procedures can be provided and mandated as part of the job process to help ensure compliance and reduce Health Safety and Environment (HSE) issues.

Likewise, Standard Work Instructions (SWIs) can accompany a relevant task or job details. This might mean escalation processes to get a supervisor’s signature when needed. SWIs also clearly identify what tools, parts and notifications are required to support the job. This lets the service professional focus on getting the work done and spend less time preparing and doing the administrative work to close out a job.

With dashboard reports pointing out precise gaps, managers can shift their resource assignments and adjust the business policies to better impact the desired targets. With the ability to constantly collect and compare planned versus actual, and features specifically designed to expose where and how to make improvements, managers can quickly uncover areas to improve and institute changes. The result is a service solution that expands to cover emergent needs, while adapting the where, when, and how needed to conform to the specific operational needs of each part of the facilities management operation.

Click’s solutions can transform your operation from one that merely reacts to incoming tasks to one that optimizes the use of every individual resource with an absolute awareness of all work. Our tools leverage this complete awareness to ensure the backlog of maintenance activity is properly balanced with the emergent work and customer requests. This makes the most effective use of all resources at all times.

ClickSoftware tools are specifically designed to quickly and easily adapt to an inevitable change in operational need. The result is a flexible mobile workforce management software that ensures more can be done in less time and cost.

Modernize to Engage Customers, Reduce Backlog, and Increase Efficiency While Still Reducing Costs

ClickSoftware solves the facilities management conundrum with its well-renowned and innovative mobile workforce management technology. We provide complete visibility and access to all field personnel, assets, tools, and customer commitments within a single view across operations.

This added visibility, enhanced by Click’s integration capabilities, delivers a seamless process of taking in, assigning, dispatching, and closing out work. Details flow across the operation with minimal effort, to ensure access and collection of asset and customer details. Thus, work is completed more efficiently. This adds to the information bank for automatic access during future efforts related to that asset, customer, work type, or any other relevant criteria.

This heightened operational and contextual awareness is also used to dynamically prioritize every activity. As inevitable changes occur, the schedule is constantly updated and consistent to the defined operational policies. It always adjusts to optimally allocate resources based on the desired priorities.

This absolute awareness also delivers immediate access to the right resource, with the right tools, at the right time, in the right location, with the right parts. As customers request service, or emergent needs arise, Click considers all outstanding work items and every operational employee or contractor to firmly commit an appointment. We also allow you to intelligently route personnel and bundle tasks. This makes the most efficient use of every resource as they move from job to job.

Our solution also delivers a customer-centric approach to service. This includes automated notifications (based on the customer’s preferred channel and time) and trigger notifications (to keep customers aware of job disposition).

This feature-rich facility also includes the ability to send a link to confirm appointments, rebook, and narrow arrival time of the service professional. Customers and supervisors can see the field service professional’s picture, location, and other relevant details. This helps confirm more precisely who is coming, for what, and when they will arrive. This transparency comforts customers and managers, and supports safety concerns for the employee and customer. As customers self-schedule and manage their own needs, administrative efforts are greatly reduced.

Simply put: ClickSoftware’s facilities management software increases resource utilization, customer satisfaction, and adherence to business policy.

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