Complete more construction jobs on time and within budget. Streamline your mobile workforce to reduce operating costs and increase productivity.

For the planners and executors of construction projects, time is money and completing a job on time, and on budget depends on superior planning and scheduling. But while schedules and plans are critical to a project’s success, plans and schedules don’t build things: people do. Being more transparent, reliable and responsible allows construction companies to work smarter and faster every day.

Manage Your Workforce Effectively and Efficiently

ClickSoftware makes short work of managing a workforce that spends most of its time on job sites or traveling between them. Managing a workforce that works directly with these customers creates many challenges such as tracking payroll, time spent on specific jobs managing fuel and mileage expenses and capturing proof for services provided. Click drives down costs and allows construction companies to be more productive everyday with their customers.

  • Ensure Sufficient Resources: Consistently meet needed capacity and proactively build what-if scenarios to plan for exceptions and change orders.
  • Accurate Job Completion Analysis: Capture job information in the field and view how long each worker spends on a specific task or job. Analyze job activity to improve forecasting accuracy and ensure profitable projects.
  • Provide Proof of Service: Document when a job is completed with GPS location services. Analyze time and cost per job with automated reports.
  • Reduce Mileage and Fuel Expenses: Reduce fuel expenses by analyzing workers routes to accurately track and help ensure appropriate usage of company vehicles.
  • Accurately Track and Manage Payroll: Enable workers to record their daily time with their mobile device, eliminating the need for paper-based timesheets and manual data processing.
  • Document Employee Safety: Allow workers to document accidents as they happen with their mobile device, ensuring the effective management of workman’s compensation claims and expenses

Case Study

Tremco Uses Automatic Scheduling to Standardize Dispatch Process

Tremco manages roofing and building life cycles for customers in all industries. Their job is to make sure their customers have a roof over their head. In most businesses, a tech running late to a job is an inconvenience. But if a Tremco tech can’t get to a job, their customers buildings’ might not be habitable— and that’s not an option.

Senior Business Systems Analyst Sue Kapcoe explains her team was concerned about the amount of driving technicians were doing to get to jobs. They now use mobile workforce management software to standardize their processes. She explains how AI-driven automatic scheduling improved the dispatch process. Learn more in the video below.

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