Field Service Software Solutions for Communications

Enhance Efficiency and Delight Customers with Predictive Field Service Management.

Internet service providers, cable companies, and communications organizations are facing the most tumultuous yet opportune time in history. Our customers’ connectiveness and behavior grow more complex by the minute, driven by an explosion of new data sources and device usage. Meanwhile, competition among communication service providers (CSPs) is sky high as customers demand instant service and constant uptime.

In today’s telecommunications landscape it’s key that organizations embrace a field service management solution that can optimize critical business processes and delight customers.

Deliver Better Productivity and Service

ClickSoftware helps CSPs deliver value through enhanced efficiency, effectiveness, and customer experience. To meet rising customer expectations and get every job right on the first try, communications companies need to get smarter and more predictive. With intelligent scheduling optimization, organizations can improve productivity and maximize utilization of their workforce. And using advanced algorithms to analyze real time and historical data, Click can automatically make the best decisions for your business.

Click helps optimize your communications service business by:

  • Deliver Improved Productivity: Efficient and cost effective business optimization between communications service resources and task in a fast evolving network technology.
  • Carrier-Grade Platform: Scalable platform deployed in a private/public cloud in a multi-tenant advanced architecture, or on-premise supporting large scale Tier 1 business requirements.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Optimized and the shortest lead time for broadband install, maintain, repair and cease services.
  • Reduce Risk Transformation: Tier 1 broadband service management deployments supporting millions of daily tasks. Pre-packaged CSP Starterkit and ready made adapters to all leading CRM/Order Fulfillment and Assurance.
  • Business Process Awareness: Adherence to CSP mobile strategy (B2E) with fully enabled Enterprise Mobile Platform and Service Management Lifecycle mobile capabilities.
  • ROI Agility: Business optimization catalog provides measurable realization of service management budget spending and utilization benchmarks for new digital products launch.

Case Study

SBA Communications Optimizes Operations with ClickSoftware

SBA Communications is an independent owner and operator of wireless communications infrastructure across North, Central, and South America. With field service teams spending too much time planning, scheduling, and prioritizing tasks, they needed a way to improve service operations.

Brian Zenz, Operations Director, explains how an optimized field service management solution helped SBA increase productivity and workforce efficiency. Learn more in the video below: