Call Center Scheduling Software

React to changing demand, increase first call resolution, and reduce staffing costs with dynamic shift optimization.

As the first line of support for existing and prospective customers, call centers are essential for meeting Service Level Agreements (SLAs), improving brand reputation, and increasing customer loyalty. ClickSoftware’s cloud based solution for call centers is an advanced shift planning and scheduling cloud product for even the most complex call centers. It forecasts demand by simulating the Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) process on call data for accurate planning of call types, times, duration, volumes, and customer information.

This intelligence is used in combination with SLAs, business rules, team availability, agent profiles and preferences, risk management, working time regulations, and union agreements to map the most favorable shift patterns and schedule for inbound, outbound, blended and multi-channel contact & call centers.

  • Improve First Call Resolution: Reduce wait times by guaranteeing the right agents with the right skills are scheduled at the right time to meet customer demand.
  • Lower Operating Costs: Optimize call center productivity while reducing administrative effort.
  • Increase Employee Satisfaction: Enable mobile self-management for employee shift preferences, automated shift swaps, training, and vacation.
  • Improve Operational Visibility: Allow for faster and better-informed decisions to be executed, integrated with field service management.
  • Increase Compliance: Reflect organizational objectives, processes, working rules, and regulations with ease to achieve a balanced schedule.
  • Global Operations Platform: Supports complex multi-lingual, multi-site, multi-media, and multi-skilled call centers.

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