Our leadership team is dedicated to excellence in everything from product development to customer experience, accountability, and fostering a spirit of innovation. ClickSoftware was founded in 1997 and built on a passion for optimizing business decisions. Today, with our talented team, we are transforming service into a remarkable experience for organizations, employees, and customers around the world.

Mark Cattini Headshot

Mark Cattini

Chief Executive Officer

Oded Blatman Headshot

Oded Blatman

Chief Information Officer & Chief Information Security Officer

Bill Brown Headshot

Bill Brown

Chief Security Officer

Patrick Burns Headshot

Patrick Burns

Senior Vice President of Product Management

Sassi Idan Headshot

Sassi Idan

Chief Strategy Officer

Elmer Lai Headshot

Elmer Lai

Chief Financial Officer

Joe Marcin Headshot

Joe Marcin

Senior Vice President of Global Sales

Jim McGonagle Headshot

Jim McGonagle

Senior Vice President, Global Alliances and Channels

Kim Moceri Headshot

Kim Moceri

Senior Vice President, Global Support Services and Customer Success

Amit Monovich Headshot

Amit Monovich

Senior Vice President, Research and Development

Jay Schaufeld Headshot

Jay Schaufeld

Chief People Officer

Jodi Sweeney Headshot

Jodi Sweeney

Senior Vice President, Global Professional Services

Paul Whitelam Headshot

Paul Whitelam

Senior Vice President, Global Marketing

Craig Zajac Headshot

Craig Zajac

General Counsel