We are a company in the service of service. ClickSoftware customers are leaders in their respective industries, and in field service management. In recognition of their stature, we’ve founded LeadersClub—an exclusive customer group.

LeadersClub was created to inspire a global audience by leveraging your success, empowering your thought leadership, and showcasing your organization as an industry leader and innovator. We invite you to join this club and benefit connecting with fellow top managers of strategic organizations. Share your stories, learn from your peers, and connect with other front-runners in the industry as you network with a unique group of our global customers. This select club gives you an opportunity to grow both personally and professionally, to elevate the success of your company, to be a part of something bigger.

LeadersClub Benefits

Participating in valuable reference and co-marketing activities will open up exciting and empowering opportunities for you to interact, learn, and showcase your innovation and success. The value you will get from such activities is exclusive, social, and professional.

  • Gain access to exclusive ClickSoftware events
  • Grow your social capital and professional exposure by engaging with your peers, the press community, and top market analysts
  • Leverage your expertise in publications and blogs to enhance your thought leadership
  • Drive recognition for your company and promote your brand by generating positive exposure to highlight your organization’s success
  • Receive experts’ advice, skills-training sessions, and access to analysts’ briefing discussions
  • Learn about best practices and collaborate on innovative strategies to serve your customers more professionally

Join our Reference Program

You can choose from a variety of reference activities based on your interests and availability, taking advantage of the right opportunities to drive the right value at the right time.

Activities include:

  • Peer-to-peer reference calls
  • Hosting site visits
  • Speaking engagements at webinars and live events
  • Contribute an article or guest blog
  • Case studies, success stories, testimonial videos, and white papers
  • Media and industry analyst interviews
  • Third party reviews

Become a Leader Today

Club membership is reserved for the most strategic and innovative firms in every field of service delivery across every geographical area. Your exclusive membership means you are supported by a team of experts dedicated to you and constantly working to promote your success.

Download the LeadersClub brochure to learn more or apply online for a membership.

Ready to make a difference in our industry?