ClickSoftware Boosts Productivity and Customer Experience with Enhanced Scheduling Capabilities

Latest release integrates live traffic conditions, allows for better management of customer expectations

BURLINGTON, Mass.May 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — ClickSoftware, the leading provider of field service management software, today announced new capabilities for Field Service Edge, its cloud-based, mobile workforce management platform designed to meet the needs of the most demanding field service organizations.

This latest offering enhances scheduling accuracy to better manage customer expectations and increase visibility into field service operations, increasing efficiency across the board. Key release features include:

  • Live traffic updates to automatically improve schedules in real time based on traffic conditions
  • Rapid creation of customer forms to capture desired customer details without the need for IT development resources
  • Prioritization of customer-confirmed appointments optimizes schedules to reduce customer no-shows and last-minute cancelations
  • Improvement across a range of areas important to enterprises, such as audit trail enhancements and other advanced configuration capabilities

ClickSoftware’s scheduling optimization goes beyond the use of historical data to predict travel time. Field Service Edge now proactively updates the schedule if an unexpected event impacts the planned route to the next task, such as a traffic accident or road closure. It also prioritizes calls based on urgency, incorporating real-time traffic conditions when mobilizing a field service professional for an unexpected assignment. Similarly, Field Service Edge proactively incorporates live traffic conditions whenever schedules are updated on the day of service to further increase efficiency.

With an emphasis on automated in-the-moment schedule improvements and tools to keep the end customer informed at multiple stages in the service process, this update brings significant benefits to service organizations that prioritize customer experience and service level agreement (SLA) compliance, or respond to emergency work.

“Our customers provide essential services to their customers,” said Mark Cattini, CEO at ClickSoftware. “We want to help them deliver the best possible experiences while maximizing productivity and effectiveness. Using live traffic data for intelligent real-time schedule optimization and getting the end customer more involved ensures they book, schedule and complete more work every day.”

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ClickSoftware is a global leader in field service management solutions, delivering value through improved efficiency, effectiveness, and enhancing customer experiences. ClickSoftware blends unparalleled industry expertise and state-of-the-art computer science to deliver meaningful, measurable business value—optimizing critical business processes and delighting customers. Click Field Service Edge arms field service leaders with the smartest technologies and best practices from around the globe to deliver real-world results, real-time recommendations, and real operational intelligence.

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