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‘You’re my hostage until you fix my washing machine’

‘You’re my hostage until you fix my washing machine’

‘You’re my hostage until you fix my washing machine’

January 21, 2009 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Screaming down the telephone, banging your head against a brick wall, shouting at the service engineer, breaking down in tears and vowing never to purchase a product from the company again – these are just some of the typical customer reactions in the face of poor service. But, would you ever consider taking the law into your own hands and kidnapping the engineer?

Well, the vast majority of us would never consider such a course of action (nor would I recommend it) but a lady in the United Kingdom did just that! After surviving without her washing machine for three weeks and a whole host of failed service visits, she decided that enough was enough and declared, “You might as well dial 999 (the Emergency Services) because you’re not leaving until it’s fixed.” It’s worth reading the story to see the shocking level of service that this ‘customer’ experienced.

The failings on the part of the service provider include broken promises and poor communication. They now need to fix the customer as well as fixing their product (in this case, fixing the customer might not be possible!).

For the sake of its customers and field engineers, let’s hope this service provider has a plan to leverage technology to improve the customer service experience.


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