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Workforce Management in a Virtual World: Introducing Online Trade Shows

Workforce Management in a Virtual World: Introducing Online Trade Shows

Workforce Management in a Virtual World: Introducing Online Trade Shows

October 11, 2010 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

As the VP of Marketing for ClickSoftware, I was presented with the following challenge: Energy and Utility companies all over the world were expressing a strong interest in workforce management and optimization technology as a way to help them, quite frankly, do more with less. Our partner community was anxious to learn more about how our solutions could help their customers become more efficient. Now, the best way to address this interest and demand for knowledge would clearly be to visit each and every one of these organizations and run a Workshop or maybe even a ClickSoftware University session. Alas, budget and resource constraints make this impossible.

So, I encouraged my team to investigate the idea of running a Virtual Utility Event. That was back in June. Now, four months later, I am pleased to report that we completed our first ever virtual event and it exceeded my expectations. Hundreds of individuals from Utility companies and our partner community registered for the event with about 60% actually attending the live presentations. Not surprisingly, the biggest draws were the customer sessions from ETSA Utilities and OnStream, a National Grid company. Individuals who entered the environment were able to visit a “virtual” conference hall where live presentations played at scheduled times, and others were available on demand. They were also able to click through a number of booths, interacting with actual staff (who were also online) and collecting collateral to download to their hard drive. A networking lounge allowed guests to interact with each other and collect contact information. Now, I am not suggesting that you can ever replace face to face conversations but the dialogue taking place at the booths was both engaging and action-oriented.
Besides the customer presentations, we were able to share with the visitors a whole wealth of utility-specific information: From webinars on managing a smart metering rollout and change management to case studies and videos on how utility organizations around the world have transformed their business with workforce management and optimization solutions.

And, unlike other physical trade shows which end after a couple of days, the Virtual Utility Summit is available to visit for the next three months.

If you missed it, visit the Virtual Utility Summit here today:

P.S My feet and back are a lot less sore!

(An image of the Virtual Utilities Summit Scheduling booth)

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