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Workforce Management and Picasso

Workforce Management and Picasso

Workforce Management and Picasso

October 27, 2010 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

In a few days time, the Royal Palms Resort in Phoenix, Arizona will play host to over 40 different service organizations for ClickSoftware’s North American User Conference. Many of these organizations are well-known brand names across North America and, in some cases, globally.

Each one of the delegates representing these organizations will have their own specific reason for attending. Perhaps, they are coming to hear from one of Gartner’s leading mobility analysts? Maybe they are interested in learning more about how forecasting and planning processes work? Perhaps they recognize that there are very few, if any, other events that are totally focused on workforce management and service optimization?

Whatever the reason, or reasons, may be for attending the event, there is always one overwhelming ‘positive takeaway’ that delegates highlight on their feedback forms. That is the opportunity to listen, engage and build long lasting relationships with individuals and organizations that have implemented workforce optimization technology. Sessions being delivered by service organizations cover topics including: Addressing change management issues, managing a global implementation, automating forecasting and planning processes and exceeding customer expectations.

The organizations that will be delivering these sessions are from 5 different industries while a further 5-10 industries will be represented at the event. It’s this observation that leads me to a quote from the great artist Pablo Picasso:

“Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal”
Sure, you can learn from your peers in your own industry. But, at this event, one of the major benefits will be what you can ‘steal’ from other industries that, on the surface, look completely different.

Do you agree with Picasso’s words? Can you point to something that you learned from another industry and implemented in your business?

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