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Windows Phone 7 is rumored to support Html5 later on this year

February 10, 2011 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

It’s rumors time, and Microsoft is in focus.

First Nokia (going to develop WP7 smartphones?), then Html5…

According to Mary-Jo Foley, the major update that will come towards the end of the year for Windows Phone 7 will include a new Internet Explorer (9) and just like the desktop version, will include Html5 support.

Regardless to Foley’s known reputation for inside information when it comes to Microsoft, it makes perfect sense to align the mobile version with the desktop one and in fact to the market.

I’ve been using Windows Phone 7 (Omnia 7) for a few weeks now, and after a rough start, I’m now completely addicted to the live tiles, the unique user interface, the hubs and everything that Microsoft did to make it different than anything we’ve seen so far. In fact, it’s the first time in 3 years I’ve replaced my main phone (which always were iPhone) with the Omnia 7.

Few weeks ago I wrote about the Html5 revolution and how ClickMobile is taking part of it with ClickMobile Professional that relies on Html5 for offline storage and database capabilities. It’s good to see that Microsoft is also taking part of this revolution that will change the way mobile apps can support multiple platforms that are completely different.


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