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Windows Mobile 6.5 will officially be released next month. ClickMobile already supports it.

September 21, 2009 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

The first handheld device to run an official version of Windows Mobile 6.5 is scheduled to be released next month, and there is a lot of anticipation towards the official release.

The new OS version will focus mainly on user interface enhancements that will hopefully align the exhausted look & feel with newer mobile UI standards such as finger friendliness, gestures, and other goodies that can be found in Microsoft’s competitors like the iPhone, webOS or Android.

The improvements list is not short. It includes a new lock screen with built-in alerts and notifications, a completely new start menu, a facelift to the general look of the UI controls like menus, scroll-bars, and built in support to finger gestures to allow kinetic scroll, easier movement between tabs and more.
Internet explorer was also upgraded significantly after taking a beating from almost any other mobile browser out there…

Lately there are some newer screen captures which are rumored to be part of the next release of 6.5, probably a service pack or a patch.

Click here for some more information about Windows Mobile 6.5

We had a chance to put our hands on some early releases in order to test our products, and it looks like the new OS is very nice.

Of course, ClickMobile is already running on Windows Mobile 6.5: here’s a small taste of what’s expected to become official very soon.





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