Will iPhone 4.0 lead Apple’s way to the Enterprise?

Will iPhone 4.0 lead Apple’s way to the Enterprise?

Will iPhone 4.0 lead Apple’s way to the Enterprise?

April 9, 2010 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Few years ago, analysts used to think iPhone will not likely be used in the enterprise. Since the popularity of the device became so strong, many enterprise actually switched to iPhone, “ignoring” the well known limitations and sticking with the fanciness UI, innovative apps and the lack of multi-tasking or keyboard.

With the announcement this week of the iPhone 4.0 OS, which seems to be solving a lot of the weak spots of previous iPhone versions – it’s interesting to see how organizations will react to the new version. Are we in the verge of “iPhonization” of many large organizations?

I think we may actually see it happening.

Few recent reports show “some” decrease in Rim’s BlackBerry sales volumes, along with a decreasing satisfaction rate among BlackBerry users. Windows Mobile is still loosing power and Android is still relatively young.

With multi-tasking, better email system, and some important security improvements – iPhone can definitely gain additional power in the enterprise, not just because of the prestige or the user experience, but now, for the first time, because of true advantages.


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