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Why Service Organizations Should Care About Predictive Capabilities

Why Service Organizations Should Care About Predictive Capabilities

Why Service Organizations Should Care About Predictive Capabilities

September 2, 2014 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

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In today’s customer-centric and data driven service culture, there is not a lot of margin for error. Gone are the days where business’ priorities centered around reducing operational expenses and increasing efficiencies strictly for cost-savings. Today the customer comes first, and the desire is to have the right person at the right job as quickly as possible to. This change is driven by the concern of dissatisfied customers turning to a competitor, and worse yet, sharing a negative experience over social media and scaring away existing and potential new customers.

tomorrow keyWhile decreasing costs and increasing efficiencies are still important, how can you strike a balance, while still keeping customers happy and returning for more?

Enter predictive capabilities which enable service organizations to take optimization and customer experience to the next level. Predictive capabilities can transform the way your service organization works. How?

  • Planners can leverage smart tools that allow them to predict what next week’s schedule will look like.
  • Customer call center representatives can get unprecedented real-time access to predictive-powered appointment booking.
  • Schedulers and dispatchers can leverage predictions to focus on high risk tasks, to consider predicted fluctuation in traffic during the day, and predict task duration based on measured individual efficiency.
  • Field resources can use mobile applications that detect a certain context, analyze the situation, and either make a recommendation or take action on behalf of a user.

The result? Higher customer loyalty and satisfaction, improved service operations productivity and happier and engaged employees.

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