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Who’s On First….With Contracted Mobile Workers

Who’s On First….With Contracted Mobile Workers

Who’s On First….With Contracted Mobile Workers

July 14, 2015 Howard Lear 1 Comments

The question of Who’s on First, crosses all boundaries – going far beyond any one particular setting or particular country or sport.  It’s a universal question that countless millions have been wrestling with since it was posed by Abbott & Costello back in the 1950’s.

Well, it’s been a long time coming, but we finally have a definitive answer, where customer service is concerned at least.  Before we fill you in on our findings, here’s an excerpt of the question as originally posed:

Confused?  Of course!  And who wouldn’t be?  Believe me, it’s not by chance:  You’ve been led down a long a road of deception.  Well, we’re here to help out and set you straight. The Answer ?

It’s All About Service Chain Optimization

Farfetched you say?  Exaggerated?  Outright nonsense?
Hold on a moment and hear me out…

Already some time ago, in what has come to be recognized as the authority on the subject, we published Service Chain Optimization for Dummies.


We broke new ground when we put forward the 6 key questions that must be considered in any successful scheduling decision.  These questions have come to be known as the “W-6”.

The Questions?  Who, does What, with What, When, Where, and for Whom?

who-first-pic-2(Service Chain Optimization for Dummies, p. 12)

To Look at it Another Way:


As you can see, when viewed in proper perspective, who’s unquestionably on first.  Now that that’s settled, we can get to the crux of it:   As revealed above, “Who” refers to which mobile worker(s) are available, so in short, who’s on first is the mobile worker.   What has changed over time is the expansion of the number of enterprise level services requiring mobile workers, and with that, a sharp rise in the need for a supplemental force of contracted mobile workers.

This of course leaves to be answered the remaining questions of the W-6:  {Who} does What with What, When, Where, and for Whom?  Not so simple, huh?  Well, we didn’t come this far just to leave you hanging.  When I say we have definitive answers, I mean it.  On May 27th, we broadcast a webinar to answer these questions and more about how to best deal with the complex set of relationships between service providers, contractors, mobile contractor workers:  Service Networks for Contractors.  Before we share some highlights of the webinar, here’s an overview of how Service Networks for Contractors works.

Turning to the webinar itself, Jim Delande, Director of Product Marketing at ClickSoftware, set the stage by pointing out that contractors have become a way of life in field service.


  • Contractors are Needed for Elasticity in Capacity
  • Allows for Adapting to Emergency Contingencies
  • Allows for Adapting to Seasonal Fluctuations in Work Flow

The Real challenge has become managing the combination of both internal and external workers to extent that both function as brand ambassadors for your business:

So how does Service Networks for Contractors help you to meet these challenges?   In essence, it’s a flexible solution that allows you to streamline all the scheduling and dispatching between you and your contractors.  Key to its effectiveness are Visibility and Control.


  • Scheduling Normally is Labor Intensive and Error Prone
  • Be Able to See Where Appointments are and if they’re in Jeopardy
  • Be Able to Answer End-Customer’s Questions Directly

So how do we do this?  We extend field service management beyond the internal workforce while allowing you to view and control multiple contractors from your own ClickSchedule platform.  So when customers call in it doesn’t matter which contractor you’re using, you’ll have full live visibility to update them directly.  Consequently, you maintain the service face to the customer throughout the entire service process.


  • Service Provider’s Face is Only One Seen Throughout Entire Service Process
  • Brand Consistency and Service Consistency
  • Still Gain Additional Capacity that Contractors Provide

By now you probably have come to understand that who’s really on first is the mobile worker.  Why?  Because the mobile worker – whether internal or contracted – is your foremost brand ambassador to your customer.  And at the end of the day, no matter who’s first, second, or third, it’s your customer at the center.  The layout of the solution puts the customer at the center.


  • Allows Contract Manager to Schedule his own Staff
  • A Seamless experience for the Customer, where He Sees the Face of the Provider for Each Step of Service

You have questions?  Of course you do.  You’re not alone.  A number of questions were asked at the webinar which were answered by Jim and Uri Polishook, Director of Product Management at ClickSoftware.  You may find your question with an answer below:


  • Different Ways Available to Schedule Tasks – Automatically, Semi-Auto, Manual
  • ClickMobile Solution Option Available for Direct Control of Mobile Workers


  • Contractor Side Can Range from 1 Person to Several Dozen and Even Thousands
  • If Larger than Several Hundred, May be Better for Both Sides to Use ClickSchedule
  • StreetSmart Still Has Benefit of Quick On-Boarding and Simplicity for Small Contractors


  • Currently Available Either On-Premises or in the Cloud
  • StreetSmart is only in the Cloud


  • Contractor Will Receive More Tasks Because of ClickSchedule’s Greater Optimization
  • Contractor Can Leverage StreetSmart for their Other Provider Employers as Well

Still not Convinced Who’s on First?  No worries.  Below you can click to view the full webinar about Contractor Visibility and Control here.

Have a different idea of who’s on first?   Let us know…


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    Very insightful and summering quite well the Click Products.
    Still one question remains – why ? 🙂

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