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What’s the Cost of Customer Service Frustration?

What’s the Cost of Customer Service Frustration?

What’s the Cost of Customer Service Frustration?

July 15, 2014 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Author: Stephen Timms, President Americas

It’s no surprise to find that consumers try to avoid interacting with customer service departments at all costs. The hair-pulling frustration that often accompanies these interactions derives from wasted hours on hold, late arrivals of service reps and lack of available appointment hours.

A new study finds Americans are frustrated with virtually every aspect of the service process and they waste a lot of time waiting that could have been spent working instead. This frustration translates into lost time and money for consumers, and lost productivity for the businesses that employee them – to the tune of billions of dollars. Never considered that employees who are dealing with service issues impact your business? Think again!

infographic Wait Times Could Be Costing Americans More than $100 BillionService businesses, from home repair companies to cable and utility providers are impacted in a big way, too. In fact, 35% of consumers have cancelled services or stopped using a brand due to a frustrating experience.  At the same time, contrary to belief, 71% of Americans say they would not pay anything more for VIP or premium appointments.

What lessons can businesses learn from the study?
Service organizations need to be more effective at meeting customer expectations, but also need to pay attention to operating costs. Since findings indicate that charging more for better service isn’t realistic, businesses should put a specific focus on optimizing their existing resources in all aspects of the service engagement in order to more effectively serve their customers and improve their bottom line.

Analysts recommend organizations take measures to equip their workforce with automated tools and analytics to adeptly handle customer needs and give them a strong advantage for success.

Here are the top five recommendations from Aberdeen Group to drastically improve the overall efficiency of a business, laying the foundation for a great service experience.

Improve forecasting and planning
Implementing a better plan for what lies ahead will keep service organizations a step ahead of their competition. Capacity planning is the key to predicting demand, available field resources and better estimated time to ensure an optimal service experience every day, every where.

Invest in mobile tools
Successful field service companies are seeing the benefits and advantages of information streaming from worker to worker, and worker to customer.

Increase availability of service knowledge
The ultimate goal of any organization should be to turn field service workers into knowledge workers. Becoming connected through available mobile resources can enable workers to share ideas, resolve issues and improve customer service.

Develop real-time visibility into field assets
A business wants to deliver sufficient staff with the right skills to keep operations running smoothly, but employees want to make sure their needs are considered. Implementing a scheduling system that optimizes all facets involved with planning gives employees, shift managers and planners complete visibility ensures employee preferences are in mind while using assets efficiently and meeting business needs.

Implement predictive and prescriptive analytics
Productivity and service levels have shifted due to the benefits of predictive mobile apps. This intelligent technology has the ability to think ahead of the workforce and can step out in the front of the flow of work to be proactive.  Enterprise apps make strategic decisions based on knowledge and data gained through experience, ensuring productivity.aberdeen chart“Copyright © 2014 Field Service 2014: Access to the Right Information Empowers a Results-Driven Workforce, Aberdeen Group, Inc”


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