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What’s new with HTML5?

What’s new with HTML5?

What’s new with HTML5?

March 28, 2012 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

HTML5 is probably the hottest topic in mobility these days remember .

It’s time to see what’s new with HTML5. After all, the fact that everyone is talking about something doesn’t make it right…

International Data Corporation (IDC) has recently published an interesting research based on a massive survey of mobile developers around the world. Key findings?

  • HTML5 will be adopted by 79% of mobile developers during 2012, as a pure web technology or as part of a hybrid approach. WP7 remains number #3 in the priority list of developers.
  • Despite an enormous growth in Android unit shipments, it seems like developers interests are slowing down with a slight decrease in percentage of developers who are interested in building an Android app (smartphones or tablets).

BTW, this is not the first report to show a significant growth in Mobile Web among developers. The Mobile Developers Economics Report (2011) had similar results, stating that the mobile web was the largest growing mobile platform among developers:

Mobile Developers Economics 2011 – A Recommended Report By VisionMobile

Speaking of HTML5, did you know that there is soon going to be a web-based mobile operating system? Yep. It’s called Boot To Gecko, and it’s going to be a hit. I have seen it over at the mobile world congress and I was very impressed with what I’ve seen.

Back to iOS and Android: at ClickSoftware, we provide a device agnostic mobile platform that can run on Windows devices, tablets, and smartphones using HTML5. While we support different devices (BlackBerry, Samsung, LG, Apple iPhones & iPads) in an “agnostic” fashion, we did see differences in the overall performance when comparing Android devices with iOS.

It seems like it doesn’t really matter how strong the processor is: dual, quad, it doesn’t really change the fact that iOS performance (with HTML5 apps) is always on top of all the other platforms. For example: even iPhone 4 will provide a better experience than the strongest Android phone.

I recently came across an interesting research that was published before the release of iPad3. It measures the performance of different mobile devices when running HTML5 apps, and guess what? iOS wins big time, and that’s even without the new iPad.

That’s all for this quick HTML5 update.

The train doesn’t stop, and it’s a fascinating road with a beautiful view.


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