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What’s New in Wearables? A Glimpse from Dreamforce

October 20, 2014 Kristin Amico 0 Comments

Imagine a world where you can clock in without ever having to drive to the office. Or a world where hotel staff greets you by name and your room preference? How about one where you can call for help with the push of a button? While wearables are still relatively new, it’s clear that they’ll soon have a big impact in the service industry.

Steve Timms from ClickSoftware spent some time at Dreamforce and details how the wearables movement is changing the way we think about work. By integrating wearables into the workplace, companies will be able to better manage operations, field workers will be able to work more efficiently and intuitively, and the process will create better connections with the customer base.

To learn more watch the video below



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