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What’s New in Enterprise Mobility: Top Trends in IT Consumerization

What’s New in Enterprise Mobility: Top Trends in IT Consumerization

What’s New in Enterprise Mobility: Top Trends in IT Consumerization

September 5, 2012 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

The explosion of smartphones and tablets and their entry into the workplace are causing the demise of a single mobile platform operating system, such RIM BlackBerry. IT must now confront multiple device types running on multiple operating systems provisioned by multiple carriers. But there is a way to effectively take on this challenge!

At the upcoming ClickConnect Conference, I am hosting a roundtable that will point you in the right direction. We will discuss the benefits of supporting multi-device/multi-OS mobile platforms as well as IT consumerization trends that impact service organizations. We will also discuss the best ways to integrate the emerging technologies into your organization’s mobile strategy.

  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device): This approach gives employees the freedom to use their personal devices for business tasks, which can improve productivity, but you also need to establish clear security guidelines.
  • HTML5: Enables applications to be developed once and run on any platform while also improving multimedia/video/audio support by eliminating the need for Flash or Silverlight plug-ins.
  • The Latest Tablets and Smartphones: With many manufacturers offering a wide variety of models and with variations in operating systems as well as carrier networks, understanding the various options is critical to mobile success.
  • The Move to iOS and Android and Away from Windows: Enterprises building mobile platforms must take this trend into account and consider which smartphone and tablet operating systems will be major players in the future.

Given the rate at which new technologies evolve and how often consumers change mobile devices, service organizations need to build flexible platforms that not only support a variety of devices today, but also an even greater variety in the future. I hope you can join me at this roundtable discussion to find out how.


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