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What’s Driving Service Excellence? Learn More at Field Service 2015

What’s Driving Service Excellence? Learn More at Field Service 2015

What’s Driving Service Excellence? Learn More at Field Service 2015

April 15, 2015 ClickSoftware 2 Comments

Author: Stephen Timms

I am looking forward to attending Field Service next week, and hope you are too. At this year’s event in Palm Springs it’s important to focus on what’s really impacting your service business, for good and for bad. Over the last few years, as cloud and mobile devices have put powerful technology in the hands of field workers, it’s critical to look beyond the technology itself to understand the benefit it brings to your business. Because with all the technology in the world, it’s still about people – both your customers and your employees. Great customer service is an increasingly important factor for retaining customers, but conversely, poor customer service will cost you. A recent study found that 35% of consumers have cancelled services or stopped using a brand due to a frustrating experience.

Keeping the customer in mind, here are the main points we think you should pay attention to:

Internet of Things
Understanding how to harness the Internet of Things has grown increasingly popular of late for the wealth of information it can provide to both business and consumers. Sensors, tags and other interconnected devices provide real time updates which can dramatically improve situational awareness and emergency response times. In some cases, devices may be able to speak to each other and send out alerts to proactively reduce breakdown situations. Devices communicating on our behalf will prove well for service organizations and the customers they serve.

Wearables are the next big advancement in productivity and worker safety. Imagine a world where you can clock in without ever having to drive to the office. Or a world where hotel staff greets you by name and your room preference? How about one where you can call for help with the push of a button? While wearables are still relatively new, it’s clear that they’ll soon have a big impact in the service industry.

By integrating wearables into the workplace, companies will be able to better manage operations, field workers will be able to work more efficiently and intuitively, and the process will create better connections with the customer base.

Master Every Service Moment
Equipping your field service employees with tools like this will greatly improve your organization’s ability to provide a great customer experience during every moment in the process – from the time a customer puts in a service call to the moment the issue is resolved, and every moment in between.

The latest technology and processes will give you a competitive advantage by enabling you to understand your customer’s needs, sometimes better than they understand themselves, and providing you the intelligent data to act quickly and accurately. This is true whether your customer is serviced by one of your employees or by a third party contractor. No matter who answers the phone or shows up at the front door, every service worker should be a brand’s best ambassador, and equipped with the right tools and knowledge to make every moment successful.

For more tips on how these trends are empowering service organizations, be sure to join me on Tuesday, April 21, at 9:20 for the morning keynote address.

  • Even with the Internet of Things driving these efficiencies, transforming people and processes through these new technologies still demands good Change Readiness Assessments. This especially so for field based workers, combined with good and robust knowledge transfer, otherwise the competitive advantage is lost through poor adoption. Seen this so many times in UK Utility Sector.

  • malose mofomme

    I want to agree with stephens, change of mindset and providing the skills set will be very important in the adoption and implemention of this technologies.

    am writing from south africa

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