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What Type of Cloud is Your Business?

What Type of Cloud is Your Business?

What Type of Cloud is Your Business?

July 29, 2015 Robert Stanley 0 Comments

The cloud. What is it? Where is it? Is it all around us? Is it above us? Can we trust or believe in something we can’t see? Perhaps that specific question is for another blog post all together, in this post we’ll focus on data and what it means to us.  According to this article on InfoWorld by David Linthicum the cloud has been around since 1994, over 20 years ago! However to some of us it still seems like a relatively new concept, and to some companies it’s a revolutionary way to look at their business.

Conceptually the cloud to businesses can be an all-encompassing abode for data, which can be a beautiful thing or an extreme nightmare that leads to data-breaches (click for really cool infographic) and can cause consumers and customers to lose trust in you.  If the latter occurs it could also mean you’re going to lose business or worse money!

But whatever your fears, the cloud is not only coming, it’s here to stay and it’s because of the growing need for businesses to provide better service.  In a recent Forrester Survey they asked North America and European software decision-makers whose firms use or plan to use SaaS with over 1,000 employees “How important were the following benefits in your firm’s decision to use SaaS?”.  The results included benefits and priorities such as agility, rapid deployment, seamless upgrades,  and many more.  So not only is this just a trend but it’s becoming a necessity for businesses that don’t want to fall behind in the quality and convenience of service they offer.  At 71%  “Improved business agility” leads the benefits that are listed, and this includes leveraging data in a smarter and more flexible manner.  Not too long ago ClickSoftware asked 31 Experts “Advice for Companies Moving to the Cloud and Common Misconceptions and Tips“, to help with any further guidance you would like on starting this process.



“Application Adoption Trends 2015: The SaaS Boom Continues As Businesses Demand Agility”, Forrester Research, Inc., April 24, 2015

While the report above just focuses on North America and Europe you can see in this Gartner Survey, this is a global phenomenon.  Spending on Cloud Solutions is going to increase year over year in all major regions and countries. But also just as important as you can see in the ClickSoftware Infographic are the Rules and Regulations for Privacy and Data Protection by Country.  So despite it’s growth in some parts of the world it may not be as secure.


So how do we marry the immense potential the cloud can bring our businesses with the safety and security that keeping our data on-premises allows for? How can we ensure that the data we are putting in the cloud is easily accessible and allows for simple collaboration? All questions we should be asking and ClickSoftware can help with the answers. Please contact one of our expert cloud representatives to walk you through the process and answer all of your questions!

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