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What Makes a Mobile Field Service Champion?

What Makes a Mobile Field Service Champion?

What Makes a Mobile Field Service Champion?

April 9, 2009 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

“96% of [Aberdeen’s] survey respondents claim that effective mobile field service-related process and solution are paramount to the performance of their service organization and that these tools have become more important given the uncertain economy and rising cost pressures.”– Aberdeen Mobile Field Service AXIS Report

Companies who implement effective mobile field service are able to reap benefits such as: increased service efficiency, improved Service Level Agreement compliance, boosted worker productivity, and increased service-based profitability. However, as most of you already know, getting effective mobile field service is not just as simple as acquiring mobile devices; it requires a strategic understanding of business processes and the selection of the best vendor to fit with your current and future strategies. Criteria such as integration, reporting, and two way transfer of data are all important things that can either improve or when not present, can detract from the results of mobile field service.

The recently released Aberdeen AXIS report provides an objective, fact based vendor assessment of Mobile Field Service vendors as well as recommendations and organization wide improvements that companies should consider when looking to leverage a mobile field service solution. Vendors represented on the Axis are illustrated by the performance of their customers as well as the visibility they received from the market as part of research. According to this research, a “Champion” on the chart is a vendor who has demonstrated superior proficiency in delivering both real value as well as the ability to serve and support its installed user base. A “Champion” vendor must demonstrate not only value delivered through best-in-class organization using their solution, but also proven market readiness determined by an assessment of the technology vendor’s current ability to serve the market based on over 250 objective assessment criteria. Additionally champion’s have the ability to adapt and respond to customer demand and market requirements. These traits are all crucial factors in the return that a mobile solution can deliver to your organization. In a time when everyone is looking to do more with less, can you afford to go with anyone but the best?

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