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What Is Workforce Management Reporting & Dashboards?

What Is Workforce Management Reporting & Dashboards?

What Is Workforce Management Reporting & Dashboards?

December 29, 2015 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

A Definition of Workforce Management Reporting & Dashboards

There are a few facets of workforce management reporting and dashboards. First, it’s important to know that workforce management (WFM) is an integrated set of processes used by companies and organizations to maximize employee productivity at the individual, departmental, and company-wide levels. WFM may involve identifying employee skills and matching them to specific tasks over time so that companies and organizations can quantify the amount of labor and types of labor required for completing jobs on a daily or an hourly basis.

Reporting is a critical component of workforce management because companies and organizations need to be able to measure, track, and report time, attendance, and expenses if they are to reach operational efficiency. Reports that involve real-time analytics are the most beneficial, as they help companies and organizations identify non-performing projects, reduce employee downtime, and control expenditures while increasing revenue. Technology and workforce management software solutions that provide workforce analytics automate these processes for companies and organizations. 

Dashboards are a component of the workforce management software. Dashboards provide a quick and simple way of tracking employee status, progress, and real-time activity. They offer visual displays of workforce management data and give key insight into critical WFM processes. Companies and organizations utilize dashboards to improve employee and overall organization efficiency.

User-Defined Dashboards 

Some workforce management software solutions enable companies and organizations to create their own dashboards with no need for IT involvement. The real-time and historic data gives managers access to real-time key performance indicators (KPIs) that may include task backlog, service-level agreement (SLA) compliance, travel costs, resource utilization, and more. These intuitive workforce management reporting software solutions empower managers to modify reports and data without the need for expensive IT intervention, so that they can make even better business decisions more quickly. WFM software solutions also include built-in dashboards and reports so that managers can make use of the out-of-the-box dashboard reports based on industry best practices and industry experience.

Self-designed field service solutions are sometimes more comprehensive than those from a third party.

Benefits of Workforce Management Reporting & Dashboards 

When choosing a workforce management reporting solution, it is important to inquire about the dashboards and the views they provide into the workforce management reports and analytics. Top workforce management software solutions provide full visibility into operational data and enable decision makers to gain insights about departmental performance and how to proactively manage departments. The analytics and reports should give insight into the status of the workforce and help organizations determine the causes of problems and potential problems.

 The best dashboards visualize key performance indicators so that managers are able to track employee and department performance. The dashboard views should also help managers identify existing and potential problems by creating views to drill down through several performance levels and groups, including territories, products, technicians, and customers. As more companies and organizations move their workforce management reporting to the cloud, their managers access dashboard views on smart phones and tablets to have real-time reports and analytics available to them from anywhere and at any time.

 The Impact of Workforce Management Reporting & Dashboards

Workforce management reporting solutions and dashboards positively impact companies and organizations. These tools enhance efficiency and productivity across the board and give companies and organizations the ability to:Field service solutions deal with issues such as scheduling

  • Develop optimal staffing schedules to optimize resources and employees
  • Improve schedule adherence
  • Reduce the amount of time spent on holiday scheduling, shift trading and changing, and more
  • Prepare for business by creating reliable, accurate forecasts, budgets, and schedules
  • Access better reports at the individual, departmental, and organizational levels to optimize efficiency and performance

Workforce management reporting and dashboards help organizations to improve employee performance and business processes. Access to real-time workforce analytics and the visualizations provided by dashboards helps decision makers to gain a better picture of the workforce and company to optimize efficiency and productivity.

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