What does ClickSoftware have in common with CheckPoint, Fujitsu, Google, HP, IBM, Intel, Yahoo and SAP?

What does ClickSoftware have in common with CheckPoint, Fujitsu, Google, HP, IBM, Intel, Yahoo and SAP?

What does ClickSoftware have in common with CheckPoint, Fujitsu, Google, HP, IBM, Intel, Yahoo and SAP?

April 6, 2011 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Author: Israel Beniaminy

Quite a few things, actually. For example, none of them have the letter X in their name. More to the point of this blog, all appear in this photograph, taken at the entrance to the Technion Computer Science Building in Haifa, Israel. The Technion is not just one of the leading academic institutes in Israel – it has a worldwide reputation, reflected in its position in the Academic Ranking of World Universities for 2010, where the Technion ranks at the 15th place in the world in the field of computer science.

ClickSoftware’s appearance in this picture is the result of our entrance into the Technion Computer Science faculty’s industrial affiliates program, and the same list you see in the attached picture is also on that program’s web site. Like CheckPoint, Fujitsu, Google, HP, IBM, Intel, Yahoo, SAP and the other companies in this affiliates program, ClickSoftware has joined the program to strengthen our ties to the academic world, gain access to cutting-edge research, and create relationships with some of today’s and tomorrow’s leading engineers and researchers.

ClickSoftware’s advanced technologies could not have been created without the benefit of academic research in the fields of mathematics, computer science, statistics, economy, business management and more. We also strive to contribute some of our own research to the academic and industrial research communities: One example, as mentioned in this blog, it the paper that several ClickSoftware researchers contributed to an academic book about vehicle routing problems. Another such book is expected to be published later this year – watch this space for announcements. Collaboration may be the best way for academy and industry to interact: ClickSoftware has participated in research consortia, composed of academic and industrial organizations, created to address challenges by jointly creating new methods and technologies. Some of us also give occasional lectures to undergraduate and graduate students, in courses dealing with advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence. Closer to our core activities, we run our own courses, under the ClickSoftware University program, consisting of a series of management courses that convey proven methods and principles for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the field service operation. You can get a glimpse into the kind of analysis and shared experience that form ClickSoftware University courses by reading Mike Karlskind’s blog post on the WFM adoption curve. And sometimes, you see the knowledge exchange come full circle, as when we heard from a couple of academic institutes and business schools that they use ClickSoftware’s book “Service Chain Optimization for Dummies” as reading materials for their academic courses. Does all of this repay our debt to the great research coming from the academic world? Not even close, obviously, but it feels good to contribute what we can, and it keeps us in contact with the latest progress.

Learning from professors doesn’t end with graduation. They are always up to something new, and it pays to listen. It pays even more to collaborate with them. That’s why ClickSoftware’s name is in this photograph, and this is one thing ClickSoftware indeed has in common with CheckPoint, Fujitsu, Google, HP, IBM, Intel, Yahoo and SAP.


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