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What Do You Dream About?

What Do You Dream About?

What Do You Dream About?

February 5, 2009 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Calling into a customer service call centre can be a frustrating experience. Before you even get the chance to have your ‘problem’ solved, you know that you are going to have to endure all sorts of ‘pain’. Your phonecall not being answered. Your phonecall eventually being answered by an automated machine. The machine giving you so many options that by the time you have reached the 25th option, you have forgotten what the 1st option was. Selecting an option that seems close to what you require and then having to enter your 20 digit reference number. Entering your number and then being told that you have not entered it correctly. Trying again (suddenly it’s a test of your dialling skills) and being told that the system does not recognize you so you need to hold the line for a customer service operator. Hang on. Isn’t that who you wanted to speak to in the first place?

While this process is taking place, what’s going through your head?

One quote in a recent research report carried out by Huffington Post research reflects the widespread frustration: “I daydream about suing them. From the product to the reps, they just don’t care about their customers.”

In this research report regarding people’s experiences when calling Customer Service Call Centers only 32% report that their Customer Service Call Center experience was positive. For the balance: 47% had a negative experience and 21% were neutral.

So what do you dream about when you are stuck in the customer service experience?

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