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What Can Gamification Do for Employee Motivation?

What Can Gamification Do for Employee Motivation?

What Can Gamification Do for Employee Motivation?

February 17, 2015 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Author: Marco Raffaelli

Keeping employees motivated is a complicated task. Sales managers often find themselves trying to narrow down the best engagement methods to elevate productivity, drive sales and make things fun in the process. These same principles can be applied to a field service workforce. As an extension of a company that interacts closely with customers, field service employees must always provide the best experience possible. Introducing Gamification into the field provides a means of keeping service standards high by implementing tactics that sales managers have always relied on.

Gamification_2A well-executed change management or training strategy creates a better environment for field workers to learn new procedures or technologies, and allows them to have more fun while improving their skills. It can also remind field workers to complete timesheets and fulfill other company procedures to reduce errors and improve efficiency.

As the freshness of individual Gamification activities begins to decline, it is important for managers to periodically alter their approach. There are several directions to take, whether it be methods of increased transparency, or restructuring rewards systems. Increased transparency in the form of leaderboards supplies better information to managers while motivating field workers to be at the top of the list.

As a Service Leader, now that you have access all the data you need, what do you believe is the best method of motivating and engaging your field workers?

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