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We Are The Champions! Says Aberdeen…

We Are The Champions! Says Aberdeen…

We Are The Champions! Says Aberdeen…

November 2, 2009 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Old news, but we didn’t have the MobileFever blog when this one was published and of course, this is a good enough reason to mention it all over again…

In case you haven’t seen it earlier, Aberdeen Group named ClickSoftware as the “Champion” in its 2009 Aberdeen AXIS™ Report on Mobile Field Service.

The ClickMobile field service solution was the primary focus of the report’s scoring methodology, but report author Sumair Dutta also cited the close integration of mobility with the broader Service Optimization Suite and ClickSoftware’s strength as a company in explaining the ranking.

Dutta praised the seamless integration between ClickMobile and supporting ClickSoftware solutions for enabling workflows to move smoothly between scheduling and field service. That seamlessness, he said, empowers mobile technicians to manage operations from the field, which directly impacts service efficiency and productivity while driving customer satisfaction. Performance in these metrics drives the Value Delivered component of the Aberdeen AXIS™. Aberdeen’s research has found that integration complexities continue to be the top challenge in effectively leveraging mobile automation solutions and Best-in-Class service firms are 42% more likely than all others to be utilizing integrated mobile workforce management solutions.

“Customers today are looking for mobility solutions that go beyond just transmitting data back and forth from the field. They are looking for solutions that will act on such data in real time in order to improve field operations. By taking a holistic approach that integrates data transmitted from mobile devices, such as hand-held devices and GPS locators, with decision making engines, we enable service operations to act in real time and improve customer responsiveness and field force productivity,” said Dr. Moshe BenBassat, ClickSoftware chairman and CEO.

“Having listened so closely to our customers and invested so much in meeting their needs, we are experiencing fast growth in ClickMobile deployments and this report is very gratifying recognition for us.

The AXIS survey puts a heavy emphasis on customer input, so scoring this highly confirms that we’re doing the right things by our customers and they recognize that. We can’t ask for better feedback.”

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