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Using Vehicles and Fleet Tracking As Your Visibility into the Field

Using Vehicles and Fleet Tracking As Your Visibility into the Field

Using Vehicles and Fleet Tracking As Your Visibility into the Field

August 4, 2015 Dana Liberty 0 Comments

On July 23rd, ClickSoftware and Fleetmatics hosted a webinar titled “How Integrating Data from an Enterprise Class Workforce Management Solution with GPS Tracking Maximizes Performance”. For the duration of the webinar, Finbar Fleming, Solution Consultant at ClickSoftware, and Karl Weber, VP of Enterprise Sales at Fleetmatics, examined how a fleet tracking solution can use vehicles as objective views into the field and drive value for your business.

Fleet Tracking

An integral component of the fleet tracking is solving the work order integration problem. Specifically, allowing companies to know which job the tech is currently working on, what their status is, and where they are in the field. This provides added insight into the mobile workforce and can answer questions such as: What was expected? What was reported? When was the job completed? When several tasks are in close proximity to each other, these are sometimes difficult questions to answer. With real-time information updates, the dispatcher will know which work order the tech is on, and what their progress is. Fleet managers are now capable of providing multi-faceted responses when asked by a customer or supervisor what is happening in the field.

As described by Karl Weber, telematics systems integrate with workforce management solutions by providing vehicle information which supports the workforce management processes.

Working as a complementary technology to workforce management, the updates provided from the fleet tracking solution allow for organizations to quickly restructure their appointment bookings when necessary and remain adaptive to changes in the schedule.

Business Optimization

With accurate GPS tracking, you have visibility into the activities of your driver, access to data which helps understand field technician activity, and detailed summaries providing insight into the productivity of each worker in the field. Using this information, managers can easily reach conclusions on whether or not an employee is meeting productivity expectations or on site performance standards. Additionally, Fleetmatics provides supervisors the technology to:

  • Understand Field Tech Status Compliance
  • Calculate Work Order Duration Statistics
  • Reduce Fuel Costs
  • Reduce idle time
  • Shorten appointment windows

Workforce Management

Workforce Management solutions provide many benefits which improve the efficiency and productivity of a mobile workforce. Using real time location information from telematics technologies, the optimized back office visibility allows for improved customer service through reduced travel times, in day scheduling, and concrete answers to the question, “Where’s my tech?” As scenarios involving heavy traffic or emergency situations are always possible, the pairing of workforce management solutions with a telematics system ensures the right information is always available so that you can be prepared for the unexpected.

Benefits of integrating workforce management with a telematics system include improved scheduling accuracy through geo-fencing and auditing. With this information, an organization can accurately analyze previous work orders to estimate duration times for future travel routes and jobs.

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