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Using Mobile Technology to Drive Decision Making

Using Mobile Technology to Drive Decision Making

Using Mobile Technology to Drive Decision Making

November 15, 2012 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Earlier this week, Stewart Hill with ClickSoftware and I presented a webinar on the latest mobile industry research I have done and how it is improving business visibility and transforming industries.  Here are some of the key topics we covered in the webinar:

  • The latest industry numbers and trends
  • Situational awareness and enterprise mobility
  • Reducing the Fog of War with enterprise mobility
  • The use of tactics with enterprise mobility
  • Force Multipliers and enterprise mobility
  • Force projection and enterprise mobility
  • Infonomics and enterprise mobility
  • Velocity and enterprise mobility
  • The Internet of Things and enterprise mobility
  • Social collaboration and enterprise mobility
  • SMAC – social, mobile, analytics and cloud and how it is transforming industries

Even though there are a lot of cool mobile gadgets and technologies, these are only a small part of what enterprise mobility is about.  Mobile technologies have enabled new business models, new ways of selling, new ways of marketing, new ways of delivering products and services.  It is a big deal.  Companies that don’t prioritize mobile technologies and study how these technologies are changing their industries and competitive landscapes risk obsolescence.


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