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Unleash the Productivity of Your Field Service Workforce

Unleash the Productivity of Your Field Service Workforce

Unleash the Productivity of Your Field Service Workforce

September 26, 2012 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

With the explosion of mobile usage in the workplace, today’s CIOs face a big challenge. Research predicts the number of mobile workers worldwide will reach 1.3 billion—just under 40 percent of the global workforce—by 2015.1 Change is happening on a broad front: not only are more employees bringing mobile devices into work and on the road in accelerating numbers, in-house development strategy is also changing.

To help you examine the present approaches to technology underpinning field service operations, IDG Connect, in conjunction with ClickSoftware, conducted a survey of C-level directors responsible for IT operations in France, Germany and the UK. The survey data strongly suggests that mobile platforms are rapidly increasing in importance and that organizations realize they must develop a long-term mobile strategy.

To present the findings of the survey and to also help field service enterprises address the mobility challenge, we are offering you a complimentary white paper called “Enterprise Mobility: Unleashing Productivity in the Mobile Workforce.” The paper discusses how strategy varies on a company-by-company basis and more importantly provides five best-practice tips to help boost the effectiveness of your mobility solutions.

The paper also demonstrates how companies that incorporate an enterprise mobility platform into their business strategy realize increased efficiency in their field workforce, which then leads to improved customer satisfaction levels. Such platforms provide maximum impact and return with end-to-end support—from the back office to the mobile worker—no matter which devices are used.

(1) IDC, Worldwide Mobile Worker Population 2011-2015 Forecast (January 2012).

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