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U.S. Smartphones OS Market Share

U.S. Smartphones OS Market Share

U.S. Smartphones OS Market Share

December 19, 2009 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Today I ran across an interesting article down at the MobileCrunch showing some great numbers for RIM and Apple and really poor ones for the good old Microsoft. For the first time Apple manages to bypass Microsoft’s market share (active devices only in the US).

I’ve been witnessing the downfall of Windows Mobile in the consumer side for a while now, but whenever new devices like the HTC Touch HD2 comes out – they make me believe in that strong platform again.

On the other hand in field service things are still looking good for Windows Mobile with a lot of good alternatives, especially when it comes to features-rich applications such as ClickMobile that requires an advanced OS with a lot of integration capabilities to other applications, hardware and more.

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