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Top 50 Chief Operating Officers (COOs) Tools, Resources, and Blogs

Top 50 Chief Operating Officers (COOs) Tools, Resources, and Blogs

Top 50 Chief Operating Officers (COOs) Tools, Resources, and Blogs

September 15, 2014 Robert Stanley 4 Comments

As second in command, COOs act as a bridge between the CEO and the rest of the company. COOs have countless responsibility, and all it takes is a simple search for a job description of a COO to see that their skills and capabilities need to be nearly endless for them to be successful in their C-level role.

While companies look to grow and remain relevant, COOs are tasked with cutting costs while renewing growth. They also need to improve inventory and profitability, increase global operations, and tap emerging markets. At the same time, they act as leaders and managers. COOs need to have access to executive information but still stay in tune with the members of the organization who work below them.

With all of these responsibilities, plus the others that are too numerous to mention here, COOs need to have a range of resources, tools, and blogs available to them that will help them to serve in their complex role. We’ve tried to make your job at least a little easier by scouring the internet for you, to find the best resources, blogs, and tools available for your role. To make the list, the resources had to be robust and current, the blogs had to be authored by experts in the business and marketing world, and the tools had to be easy to implement and a true help for managing, collaborating, and streamlining your processes. We have listed our top picks for COOs here, in no particular order.

1. Evernote

All busy COOs know that it is nearly impossible to stay organized and keep project information, ideas, and web materials in one place. Evernote provides the solution with three versions of its technology tool to fit your needs.

Key Features:

  • A single workspace
  • Write everything from short lists to lengthy research
  • Gather web articles, handwritten notes, photos, and more to keep all of your project materials together and with you at all times
  • Powerful search and discovery features
  • Transform your notes into presentation slides with one click


  • Evernote Free: FREE – workspace for daily projects, collect project materials, sync across all devices
  • Evernote Premium: $5/month – all Evernote Free features, plus enhanced search features and offline access to notes on mobile
  • Evernote Business: $10/month/user – all Evernote Premium features, plus collaborate with coworkers and get centralized administration

2. The Bridgespan Group

The Bridgespan Group is a resource for nonprofits and “mission-driven” organizations and philanthropists. With few resources available for COOs of nonprofits, the Bridgespan Group is an invaluable source of information.

Three resources we like from The Bridgespan Group:

3. COO Briefs

COO Briefs, a service from ExecSense and the Financial Times, focuses on professional webinars. COO Briefs publishes webinars of both 10 and 60 minutes in lengths covering the hottest topics, business skills, and new technologies available to COOs.

Key Features:

  • Audio and video files
  • Additional documents in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Easily viewed from any computer, tablet, smartphone, and over 22 other types of devices
  • Handpicked speakers are chosen for their expertise on a specific topic
  • Easy to use interface with hundreds of webinars


  • Option 1: Instant Access Available Upon Purchase: $250/attendee – access the webcast for 1 year
  • Option 2: Access All COO Webcasts for 1 Year: $500 – access the collection of online courses and COO Briefs Webcasts for 1 year
  • Option 3: Access All Webcasts + 1,000 Most Important eDocuments & Best Practices eBooks for 1 year: $1000 – access all programs for 1 year


An award-winning app, is a task list app full of features that COOs will find useful on a daily basis. With its planning, syncing, and reminding capabilities, makes scheduling and organizing simple and sometimes fun, even for the busiest of COOs.

Key Features:

  • Winner of apple’s 2012 “intuitive touch” and Android best app 2012 for its clean and simple to use design and innovative features
  • do Moment helps you plan your day every morning
  • Seamlessly sync your devices with the web app
  • do reminders help you remember everything you want and have to do
  • do works well with Cal, so you are able to see your tasks right inside your calendar
  • Available on the App Store, Google play, and in the chrome web store

Cost: FREE

5. COO Forum

COO Forum is a professional development association dedicated to second-in-command executives, including COOs. Goals include providing a collaborative learning forum for COOs, expanding members’ professional development through sharing best practices, and more.

Three resources we like from COO Forum:

6. Dropbox for Business

You’re probably already using Dropbox for personal files, but Dropbox for Business is a great solution for your professional life. COOs can simplify the process of team collaboration with Dropbox for Business, which allows teams to work together on important projects anywhere while COOs happily keep IT in control.

Key Features:

  • Team members instantly sync and share data on any device
  • Access data safely, reliably, and quickly
  • Powerful admin tools so IT an protect information inside and outside your organization

Cost: $15/user/month – starting with 5 users (Free trial available)

7. The Management Blog

Bloomberg Businessweek’s Management Blog is known for being a helpful resource for business leaders who want the latest information on management trends and issues. With its broad range of topics, the blog is perfect for COOs, who are responsible for so many areas of management and leadership within their organizations.

Three posts we like from The Management Blog:

8. Hightail

Since 2004, Hightail has been making it possible to send large attachments that email couldn’t process, and now offers “robust online sharing, storage and file management capabilities.” With 98% of the Fortune 500 using Hightail, COOs have been relying on Hightail to make sending and sharing simpler and faster.

Key Features:

  • Send files up to 10GB from a computer or mobile device
  • Control exactly who sees your work
  • Share project folders with clients and colleagues
  • Manage who can edit and update your files
  • Unlimited file storage online so you can use Hightail’s mobile and desktop apps to access files from anywhere, any time
  • Microsoft Outlook plugin

Cost: FREE trial available

  • Lite: FREE – share files up to 250 MB, 2 GB storage, 5 e-signatures
  • Professional: $15.99/month or $159.99/year – share files up to 10 GB, unlimited storage, unlimited 3-signatures
  • Teams: $24.99/user/month for 2-10 users or $249.99/year – all Professional features, plus custom branding and the ability to add and remove users
  • Enterprise: contact for a quote – customized sharing, storage and support options to meet your business needs

9. Harvard Business Review

The Harvard Business Review is one of the leading authorities on business and management. Harvard Business Review’s mission is “to provide professionals around the world with rigorous insights and best practices to help lead themselves and their organizations more effectively and to make a positive impact,” and it aims to accomplish that mission by offering its flagship magazine, books, and digital content and tools. As a comprehensive media resource, the Harvard Business Review is a must-read for any COO.

Three resources we like from Harvard Business Review:

10. Box

Founded in 2005, Box is a cloud platform that is “reinventing how the world uses business content” by helping organizations to work more quickly and efficiently through secure file sharing, lightning-fast scaling, online collaborating, and more. Even COOs who shy away from technology will appreciate how all of Box’s features work to make their organizations more powerful.

Key Features:

      • Securely and automatically sync between your desktop and online Box folders
      • Automate common tasks like reviews and approvals and improve how information moves through your business
      • Real-time monitoring and alerts
      • Comprehensive reporting, logging, and audit trails


      • Personal: FREE – 1 user, 10-100 GB storage, 250 MB or 5 GB file size
      • Starter: $5/user/month – 3-10 users, shared workspace for your team or project, 100 GB storage, and 2 GB file size
      • Business: $15/user/month – minimum of 5 users, content collaboration and user management, unlimited storage, and 5 GB file size
      • Enterprise: $35/user/month – customized number of users, secure and scalable content and management, unlimited storage, and 5 GB file size – contact for more information

11. LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn benefits business executives in so many ways, from networking and sharing to posting personal credentials. But, one other benefit of LinkedIn for COOs is ability to join groups intended for COOs; some of the groups are private and some are more freely used, but, all of them provide a space for members to share ideas, best practices, and more.

Three groups we like from LinkedIn Groups:

12. Passpack

With so many other things to worry about in their organizations, COOs should not have to worry about passwords, too. Passpack is a solution for businesses of any size, as it includes a “centralized managed password repository so you don’t have to worry.”

Key Features:

      • Tag, sort, search, and manage multiple logins per site
      • Securely share passwords using military-grade encryption
      • Host-proof data so hackers cannot get your passwords from Passpack’s servers
      • Available from any browser, anywhere, any time
      • Log in with one click after installing it once in any browser
      • Reliable, available customer support


      • FREE – annual subscription, 100 passwords, 1 shared user, 0 groups, 1280 note size, 3 disposable logins
      • Pro: $1.50/month – annual subscription, 1000 passwords, 3 shared users, 5 groups, 2048 note size, 30 disposable logins
      • Group: $4/month – annual subscription, 1500 passwords, 15 shared users, 25 groups, 4096 note size, 80 disposable logins
      • Team: $12/month – annual subscription, 2000 passwords, 80 users, 100 groups, 4096 note size, 200 disposable logins
      • Biz: $40/month – annual subscription, 10,000 passwords, 1000 shared users, 300 groups, 4096 note size, 300 disposable logins
      • Contact for more than 1000 users

13. The Review

Intended for startups, First Round Review’s blog, The Review, offers advice and news for business executives. COOs of startups especially know the value of the most current information, advice, and news when working to get an organization off the ground.

Three posts we like from The Review:

14. Dan Sinnott’s Leadership Blog

Dan Sinnott’s Leadership Blog is the blog of Sinnott Executive Consulting, a firm that seeks to improve “organizational performance by developing values-based senior leadership skills.” Sinnott’s business model includes helping COOs create a “shared strategic management agenda that addresses the most difficult leadership questions” using discipline and facts at the core of their methods.

Three posts we like from Dan Sinnott’s Leadership Blog:

15. Sweet Process

Sweet Process gives business executives more time by documenting the repetitive tasks that steal so many hours per week. The Sweet Process Blog and Podcast are in line with the organization’s goals by focusing on “systemizing and scaling your business.” COOs will enjoy the different types of content available from Sweet Process, as they learn about systemizing and scaling.

Three posts/podcasts we like from Sweet Process:

16. CamCard

COOs often are in meetings and conventions and other situations in which they meet new business contacts and potential partners and clients and other VIPs all of the time. The problem is, COOs cannot easily keep track of all of the business cards and people they meet; that is, until they start using CamCard.

Key Features:

      • Search, sort, group, merge, edit, or export your cards
      • Add an image of the backside of the card or add notes to a card
      • Make phone calls, send SMS/email, browse web pages, or locate address with the map app in the card detail page
      • Secure your Card Holder with a password
      • Sync and manage cards across all devices
      • Save cards to Card Holder, contacts, and email accounts
      • Share contact information via email, SMS, or QR Code

Cost: FREE trial of CamCard Business for 30 days

      • CamCard Beta: FREE – single user
      • CamCard Team: $5/user/month – read unlimited cards, proofreading: 5/user/month, maximum 10 users
      • CamCard Business: $12/user/month – read unlimited cards, proofreading: 16/user/month, unlimited number of users
      • CamCard Enterprise: contact for a quote – read unlimited cards, customize number of proofreading, unlimited number of users

17. Financial Times Business Blog

One of the world’s leadings business news organizations, the Financial Times provides “essential news, commentary, data, and analysis for the global business community.” With limited time, COOs can read the Financial Times Business Blog to get the most current trends in strategy and management from a news organization known for its integrity and accuracy.

Three posts we like from the Financial Times Business Blog:

18. TripIt Pro

The majority of COOs travel quite often, and organizing travel plans is a must for busy executives. TripIt Pro is a popular solution, especially because it alerts, monitors, notifies, tracks, and shares all in one place.

Key Features:

      • Get all of your travel plans in once place
      • Get real-time alerts for delays, cancellations, and gate changes
      • Quickly find alternate flights with open seats
      • Be notified of flight refund eligibility
      • Track reward-program points and miles in one place
      • Automatically share itineraries with your inner circle

Cost: FREE trials available

      • TripIt Pro: $49/annual subscription
      • TripIt for Teams
        • Up to 10 users: $29/month
        • Up to 25 users: $49/month
        • Up to 50 users: $89/month
        • Up to 100 users: $159/month
        • For 101+ users: contact for a quote

19. Outlook

Outlook is “the online journal of high-performance business” from Accenture, an organization that provides management, consulting, technology, and outsourcing services based on its four growth platforms. Much like a bog, Outlook provides articles on the latest technology, management, and strategy solutions for businesses and executives such as COOs.

Three posts we like from Outlook:

20. Highrise

Highrise is a technology solution that makes being organized and prepared a reality for everyone in an organization. COOs especially appreciate the way in which Highrise makes it possible for everyone in the organization to share contacts and communication history so that everyone is on the same page.

Key Features:

      • Review your own notes or those from someone else in the organization
      • See the scheduled follow-ups
      • Set reminders
      • Review all communications with certain individuals, groups, or organizations
      • Enter notes from a meeting with a client
      • The ability to integrate apps and other products with Highrise


      • FREE – 2 users, no files, 250 contacts
      • Basic: $24/month – for small groups, up to 6 users, 5 GB storage, 10 deals, 5,000 contacts, enhanced security
      • Solo: $29/month – 1 user, 5 GB storage, unlimited deals, 20,000 contacts
      • Plus: $49/month – up to 15 users, 15 GB storage, unlimited deals, 20,000 contacts, enhanced security
      • Premium: $99/month – for power users, up to 40 users, 30 GB storage, unlimited deals, 30,000 contacts, enhanced security

21. VentureBeat

Geared toward the tech business world, VentureBeat strives to inform and inspire by providing news, analysis, and events with a “deep context to help executives, entrepreneurs, and tech enthusiasts make smart decisions.” COOs will find VentureBeat’s articles provide “news and perspective on technology,” but even COOs of non-tech companies find VentureBeat useful because it covers such a broad range of business topics.

Three posts we like from VentureBeat:

22. OmniFocus

OmniFocus is a productivity app for Mac and iPhone that keeps you on top of your ideas, tasks, and projects. With its Quick Entry, Forecast, and sync features, OmniFocus makes any COOs a more efficient project manager.

Key Features:

      • Quick Entry
      • Attachment support
      • Forecast
      • View options
      • Calendar integration
      • Reliable syncing
      • Notifications


      • OmniFocus 1 for aMac: FREE
      • OmniFocus 2 for Mac Standard: $39.99
      • OmniFocus 2 for Mac Professional: $79.99
      • OmniFocus for iPhone: $19.99

23. Indeed Chief Operating Officer Jobs Forum

Indeed is a unique forum for COOs who have questions about their positions, who have been offered new positions, and who are looking for a position. At times, people considering becoming COOs ask questions of current COOs as well. The forum changes constantly as new individuals join, begin discussion threads, or comment on existing ones. Because Indeed is a top job site, there are links to COO job openings and information in the sidebar of the forum.

Three threads we like from Indeed Chief Operating Officer Jobs Forum:

24. Cisco WebEx

Cisco WebEx is a smart choice for web and video conferencing because the services scale to your needs and are built for mobility. No matter where your COO position takes you, Cisco WebEx gives you the ability to stay connective with free WebEx mobile apps. COOs never have to worry about rescheduling or missed meetings when they use WebEx.

Key Features:

      • Several choices allow you to choose the WebEx product that is just the right fit
      • Share anything on your screen
      • Viewing options
      • See up to 7 people’s video feeds
      • Record everything in your meeting, including video feeds
      • HD voice
      • Seamless platform, device, and telepresence compatibility


      • WebEx Meetings Free account: FREE, up to 3 people per meeting, no limit on meetings or time
      • WebExMeetings Premium ranges in price from $24/month or $19/month annual plan to $89/month or $69/month annual plan
      • WebEx Meeting Center: Contact for a quote – video conferencing and screen-sharing for your organization
      • WebEx Event Center ranges in price from $99/month or $70/month annual plan to $479/month or $383/month annual plan
      • WebEx Training Center: Contact for a quote – share your expertise and train, teach, and inspire
      • WebEx Support Center: starts as low as $99/month – provide instant, personalized tech support
      • WebEx Collaboration Solutions: Contact for a quote – powerful online tools for your enterprise that make it easy for everyone to meet, share ideas and information, and stay connected                                                                                

25. Google Hangouts
Google Hangouts is a quick, easy solution for collaboration. COOs who want to enable their organizations’ members to liven up their conversations and collaborate over video and voice should look no further than Google Hangouts.

Key Features:

      • Conversations come to life with photos, emoji, and group video calls
      • Easily go back to any of your Hangouts and find your ongoing conversations across devices
      • Scroll back through previous Hangouts
      • Turn any Hangout into a live video call with up to 10 friends
      • Start a video call with one person or several
      • Video calls ring anywhere: computer, phone, or tablet
      • Call phones directly from your computer, with the option of adding more people to begin a conference call or turning your conversation into a video call
      • Available from Google play, the App store, and online

Cost: FREE

26. Roambi

Roambi Enterprise grade offers Roambi Analytics and Roambi Flow as an enterprise-grade platform. This is great news for COOs who are looking to deliver a top-notch mobile experience to their organizations to use data at scale, especially because big data and analytics are necessary to the business world today.

Key Features:

      • ­­True cloud architecture eliminates hardware to buy, software to install, or updates to maintain
      • Available as an on-premise install for special deployments
      • Secure architecture with communications between server and device utilizing SSL 3.0/TSL 1.0
      • Data stored at rest on the Roambi server uses 256 bit AES in Cipher Block Chaining mode with ESSIV
      • Single sign-on
      • Instantly delete all of your data from any user’s device if a smartphone is lost or a user has left the company

Cost: Contact for a quote

27. The DNA of the COO – Interactive Web Tool

Ernst & Young recently published a report with insight into what it means to be a COO today with a focus on the expectation and aspirations of current COOs and the skills and relationships critical to their success. The report, The DNA of the COO, surveyed more than 300 senior operational professionals worldwide and polled 43 respondents to showcase how the rest of the executive management team perceives the COO. The page for the Interactive Web Tool is a fantastic resource for COOs, as it includes links to the report and further information.

Three resources we like related to The DNA of the COO – Interactive Web Tool:

28. Expensify for Business

Expense reports are often the bane of every business persons’ existence, but Expensify for Business simplifies the process. For COOs, Expensify means streamlining everything about expense reports and saving precious time.

Key Features:

      • Automatically import all card transactions and quickly add cash expenses
      • Capture mileage, time, and other reimbursable/billable expenses
      • Code expenses to GL accounts, clients/projects, and custom fields
      • Unlimited receipt upload and storage with auto-association of receipts to expenses
      • Process hundreds of reports with one click
      • Automated controls eliminate duplicate expenses

Cost: FREE trial available for 30 days

      • Team: $5/active user/month – unlimited SmartScans, basic expense approval, reimburse online, sync with QuickBooks and Xero
      • Corporate: $9/active user/month – all Team features, plus advanced policy enforcement, corporate card reconciliation, multi-stage approval workflow, and sync with NetSuite, Intacct, Dynamics, and more
      • Enterprise: contact for a quote – advanced functionality and customization for large, public companies

29. Free Management Library

The Free Management Library provides free online articles that are easily accessed to develop yourself, others, and organizations (both for-profit and nonprofit). COOs will love the Library’s articles related to personal, professional, and organizational development, especially because the topics have additional recommended books and related Library topics.

Three resources we like from Free Management Library:

30. Dragon Dictation

Busy COOs need a quick and simple way of getting information out, and sometimes that means speaking instead of typing. Dragon Dictation is an app that allows you to speak, see your text, and send it anywhere.

Key Features:

      • Truly hands-free text input
      • Copy notes to the clipboard and use anywhere on your iPhone or iPad
      • Send texts and emails up to 5 times faster than typing
      • Easily dictate personal notes and reminders
      • Speak your tweets and status updates
      • Available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad

Cost: FREE

31. Deloitte

Deloitte LLP works to serve its clients and assist them in solving their largest challenges by working in four key business areas: audit, financial advisory, tax, and consulting. Online, Deloitte offers insights for COOs to help you run your organization smoothly and with an eye toward growing your business.

Three resources we like from Deloitte:

32. Genius Scan

While everyone attempts to stop the paper trail and go green, it is often a daunting and difficult task. Genius Scan simplifies the process for COOs by giving everyone in the organization the ability to digitize documents with a simple snap of a picture.

Key Features:

      • Take a picture, export by email, and have access to paperwork from anywhere
      • Simply expense reporting by integrating with Expensify
      • Archive to Dropbox so you can find documents later and save space at the same time
      • Supports Box, if your company stores its files there
      • Available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone


      • Genius Scan: FREE – download available from the App Store and Google play
      • Genius Scan+: $6.99 – all Free features, plus cloud export to integrate with Box, Dropbox, Evernote, FTP, Google Drive, OneDrive, and WebDAV, plus no ads

33. Mailbox

COOs spend so much time in their email inboxes that they lose time for much else some days. Mailbox is a productivity app that provides a solution for even the busiest of COOs; it redesigns your inbox and makes it possible to go through your email at lightning speed.

Key Features:

      • Swipe messages to your archive
      • Trash and scan entire conversations in a chat-like view
      • Available for OSX, iPhone, iPad, and Android
      • Put off messages until later and let Mailbox return them to your inbox automatically
      • Auto-swipe learns from your swipes and snoozes to automate common actions

Cost: FREE

34. Mark Hamade Blog

An accomplished, award-winning senior executive, Mark Hamade has experience in operations, human resources, strategic advising, as COO at three distinct businesses, and more. His blog offers advice, information, and strategies for COOs, and it is possible to search the blog using the Chief Operating Officer category to get the information tailored to you.

Three posts we like from the Mark Hamade Blog:

35. HipChat

Launched in 2010, HipChat provides a chat service built exclusively for companies and teams. Combining the power of group chat with the “simplicity of consumer IM services,” HipChat is a perfect solution for COOs who want to help their members connect and collaboarte in a quick and easy way.

Key Features:

      • Rooms work for individual projects, teams, or entire departments
      • Coworkers can use 1-to-1 chat anytime
      • Connect your team with real-time video chat and screen sharing
      • Saves conversations and allows you to catch up on things you missed while you were away, plus pick up right where you left off from any device
      • Drag-and-drop file sharing
      • Instant notifications
      • Secure conversations are transferred in 256-bit SSL encryption
      • Runs on Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, desktop, and the web


      • HipChat Basic: FREE – unlimited users and free forever
      • HipChat Plus: $2/user/month – video chat, screensharing, and much more

36. Google Analytics
@Google Analytics

Big data and analytics are all the rage in today’s business landscape, and Google Analytics is one of the leading solutions for getting that data and analytics. But, with so many COOs on the go, they don’t always have easy access to their information in Google Analytics. The Google Analytics app, available from Google Play, solves the problem and lets COOs get their Analytics data from anywhere, any time.

Key Features:

      • Access all of your Google Analytics web and app reporting profiles from your mobile device
      • All-new look and feel optimized for phones and tablets
      • Easy to use interface
      • Create custom reports to gain new insight with My Reports
      • Default segments now supported on all reports
      • Improvements to navigation via Talkback

Cost: FREE

37. Financial Times Blogs

As if Financial Times weren’t helpful enough, they offer a database (of sorts) for blogs that cover all things business. COOs can browse the database easily, read short summaries of each, and decide which best suits their needs on that particular day.

Three resources we like from Financial Times Blogs:

38. Flipboard

While it is critical for a COO to stay on top of the latest news and trends in business, the markets, management, and more, it is not always easy to get to all of the information because it is in multiple locations. Flipboard is an app that acts as “your personal magazine,” because it provides you with “a single place to discover, collect, and share the news you care about.” Reading just became a whole lot easier for swamped COOs.

Key Features:

      • Add your favorite social networks, publications, and blogs
      • Explore recommended reading from major publications, award-winning blogs, thoughtfully curated magazines, and more in the Content Guide
      • Personalize and customize Flipboard to fit your interests and content
      • Search for anything and then flip through the articles, updates, and more in Fipboard’s magazine-style format
      • Available for iPad, iPhone, Android, Kindle Fire, and NOOK

Cost: FREE

39. SumAll App

Getting your data and analytics is nice, but when it comes from various places, it takes more of your time to find it and go through it with the fidelity that it requires. SumAll is the dashboard that puts your social media analytics and ecommerce dashboard all in one place, and it is a dream come true for COOs.

Key Features:

      • Get all of your data sent to your inbox with customized daily and weekly emails
      • Simply create an account, connect your services with a click, and see everything at once
      • Available on your laptop or mobile device
      • Customize SumAll to fit your needs with PowerUps


      • Basic: FREE – connect 42 services and as many accounts as you want, receive daily reports, automated insights, and SumAll To-Go
      • Premium: $9/month (requires a SumAll Account) – your personal SumAll expert with alerts across your datasets with tips, priority access to new features, and more

40. Mindnode

With all of the things COOs need to think about and plan, a visual representation of ideas can help you brainstorm and organize your thoughts. This mind mapping is exactly what MindNode, a productivity app, provides, so that COOs can spend more time turning those thoughts into actions.

Key Features:

      • Simply jot down your thoughts and add as many mind maps as you like
      • Infinite canvas
      • Cross connect nodes from different maps
      • Mind maps “auto-magically” arrange themselves
      • Access your mind maps on all your devices with iCloud or Dropbox
      • Export your mind maps to an open format, text file, or as an image
      • Available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Cost: FREE trial available

      • MindNode for iPhone and iPad app: $9.99
      • MindNode Pro for Mac: $19.99

41. Binfire

Binfire is project management software designed to improve teams’ productivity, from web designers and engineering teams, to digital agencies, educational institutions, and financial firms. COOs will love the way that Binfire has features for managing remote teams, real-time collaboration, project templates, and more.

Key Features:

      • Remote collaboration
      • Real-time tools so everyone can stay up to date and be on the same page
      • A virtual office in the cloud
      • Use WBS, Agile, scrum, or any other task management methods to chunk your project into manageable tasks
      • Visualize projects instantly using the interactive Gantt chart
      • Google Drive and Dropbox integration


      • Basic: $19/month or $190/year – 10 projects, 6 members, 10 GB storage, email support
      • Pro: $49/month or $490/year – 30 projects, 12 members, 30 GB storage, email support
      • Biz: $129/month or $1290/year – 100 projects, 30 members, 100 GB storage, live support
      • Corp: $390/month or $3900/year – 500 projects, 100 members, 500 GB storage, live support
      • Enterprise: $690/month or $6900/year – unlimited projects, 300 members, 1000 GB storage, live support

42. FlightTrackPro

With your schedule, travel can be chaotic at best. FlightTrack Pro helps you track your trips easier than ever, so you can worry less about travel and more about the job at hand as COO.

Key Features:

      • Color codes your flights to give you flight status information at a glance
      • See all of your flights in one place, or those of your employees and partners
      • Share your flights and track each other’s flights in one place
      • Get push notifications to know when it’s time to go to the airport
      • Available on the App Store (for both iPhone and iPad) or on Google play

Cost: $4.99

43. Val’s Blog

Val Wright has 20 years of experience partnering with Senior Executives and is known for her “compassionate truth-telling, fearlessness, and experience working with creative, technical and business leaders in a variety of global companies and she knows how to unlock your potential and show your next level of value.” Now, Val shares her leadership insight and innovation expertise on her blog, which COOs should find to be an invaluable resource for all things business.

Three posts we like from Val’s Blog:

44. ThinkFree Mobile

ThinkFree Mobile allows you and your organizaiton’s members to take the office with them, wherever they go. From creating documents to managing the budget and running data analysis, ThinkFree Mobile lets COOs do virtually anything you would do at your desk, on the go.

Key Features:

      • File manager is a fully integrated and easily used document management feature customized for tablets
      • ThinkFree Write – a word processor app
      • ThinkFree Calc – a spreadsheet app
      • ThinkFree Show – a presentation app
      • PDF Viewer allows you to experience “high fidelity PDF outputs”
      • Available on Google play

Cost: $9.99

45. XMind

As teams become more mobile, getting work organized and thoughts about projects clarified can be a challenge for COOs. XMind is a mind-mapping tool that helps teams clarify their thinking and manage complex information; plus, COOs can see project overviews while the teams’ projects unfold.

Key Features:

      • Local network sharing
      • Export to Microsoft Excel/CSV or PDF/SVG (in vectors)
      • More useful templates
      • New markers and clip art
      • Export to Microsoft Office files on a Mac
      • Improved IME support

Cost: Discounts may be available for students and teachers/staff

      • XMind 2013: FREE – all diagrams, Mind Toolbox, local network sharing, share on web
      • XMind Plus 2013: $79 – all FREE features, plus export to PDF/Word/PPT/Excel/SVG, Creative Toolbox
      • XMind Pro 2013: $99 – all Plus features, plus brainstorming and presentation mode, Gantt view, and Business Toolbox
      • XMind Pro Subscription: $79/year

46. My Virtual COO

My Virtual COO is a resource that will “recommend, implement, and train on the best mix of software, integrations, processes, and outsourcers.” The goal is that My Virtual COO frees up the actual COO’s time so you can focus on other critical and profitable activities.

Three resources we like from My Virtual COO:

47. Maver Management Group Blog

The Maver Management Group, under the direction of John Maver, is in the business of “profit driving, business acceleration, consulting, and more.” For the past 13 years, John Maver has been providing executive consulting to “C” level execs to get their companies profitable and stay profitable. His blog covers a broad range of topics of interest to COOs, including advice for leaders, cost-cutting strategies and tips, and strategic planning.

Three posts we like from the Maver Management Group blog:

48. Tempo AI

One of the daily challenges a COO faces is planning meetings and events in a streamlined way. Tempo is a perfect solution, as it provides a smart calendar, one-tap conference calls, insights about people, and more.

Key Features:

      • Recognizes types of events, dates, times, and recurrences
      • Natural language input
      • See calendar conflicts while you type
      • Review recent emails, discover mutual contacts, and check others’ Facebook and Google+ posts, tweets, and more
      • Automatic code dialing
      • Send pre-populated “Running Late” emails or texts to let everyone or just one person know how long you will be delayed

Cost: FREE on the App Store for both iPhone and iPad

49. Penultimate

Sometimes, typing is more cumbersome than writing, especially for COOs who have been resisting the transition to mobile devices and technology. Penultimate for iPad allows you to combine handwriting with syncing to Evernote, so that you can keep the handwriting without completely losing the paper.

Key Features:

      • Write, scribble, and sketch
      • Lifelike ink and paper
      • Evernote syncing allows you to find your notes anywhere, plus they are searchable

Cost: FREE

50. TinyPulse

At the end of the day, COOs need to be effective managers and leaders. TINYpulse is an app that helps leaders improve retention rates by knowing how happy, burnt out, and frustrated their teams are before people start leaving the organization.

Key Features:

      • Lightweight solution
      • Capture anonymous feedback from your team to get insights and trends
      • Curates and asks all of the questions automatically
      • Cheers for Peers and Virtual Suggestions help leaders see the recognition, extra effort, and little things they otherwise would miss
      • Edit, click and share each TINYpulse so employees know they’ve been heard

Cost: FREE trial for 14 days

    • Up to 15 users: $49/month or $539/year
    • Up to 50 users: $149/month or $1639/year
    • Up to 100 users: $299/month or $3,289/year
    • 100+ users: Contact for a quote

51. dapulse

COOs of agile companies need agile tools. dapulse is a project management and collaboration combined. Tailor made for agile companies, it’s used by such fast growing tech leaders as Uber, Wix, Fiverr and OutBrain. dapulse focuses on managing both projects and tasks in full collaboration. If you have a cross-company project, dapulse will enable you to easily set the goals for everyone to see, assign owners and track progress.

Key Features:

      • Boards: A visual way to manage projects and track progress.
      • Pulses: A place for team collaboration.
      • Easily share any file.
      • Highly searchable knowledge base.
      • Tag any person or team.
      • Integrates with Dropbox, Google Drive, eMail, Pipedrive.
      • Slack, Asana, Jira, Trello, GitHub, Twitter and hundreds of other integrations available through Zapier.
      • Free 30 day trial


    • Up to 5 users: $25/month or $120/year
    • Up to 25 users: $121/month or $1188/year
    • Up to 50 users: $243/month or $2388/year
    • Up to 100 users: $487/month or $4788/year
    • 200 and more: Contact for a quote
  • Creately is also a great mind mapping tool to create mind maps and various other collaborative diagrams. Its a good startup tools as well.

  • Yaritza Davidson

    Most of the COOs I met is using Hitask right now. I asked why do you like it so much and I couldn’t get a clear answer. They usually said, they like the feel and easiness of the product. So, I’m using it for my company too.

  • Nathan

    I absolutely love Bitrix24. It’s like having Slack+Dropbox+Asana+Trello in one and it’s totally free.

  • Really useful tools for the company i am using it too for my company.Well done! great resource. The COO email lists offered and assure a 100% deliver-ability of your prospectus to the right audience and also ensure a high rate of response from our target audience. Use our Site:

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