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Top 28 Mobile Business Productivity Apps

Top 28 Mobile Business Productivity Apps

Top 28 Mobile Business Productivity Apps

June 20, 2013 ClickSoftware 3 Comments

clicksoftware badge2 Productivity is an essential component of effective business operations. When you’re lagging behind on projects, disorganized in task management and collaborating ineffectively with your team, performance suffers—and your clients and customers will start fading away. The mobilization of the workforce increases the complexity of staying in control and on top of those never-ending task lists.

Fortunately, mobile apps are starting to catch up to the road-warrior lifestyle. The following 28 mobile applications are designed to make you more effective in business and life in general, with a variety of features and functions that keep you organized and at the top of your game.

1. Meeting Mapper from Point N Time
Meeting Mapper from Point N Time is an iPad app with an intuitive design to help you get the most out of your meetings. Want to make your sales reps more efficient? Boost sales figures? Bring new team members on board with ease? Meeting Mapper stores your essential contact information, keeps meeting notes organized and in a single interface, include photos and more. The Lite version is designed for iPhones, while a full desktop app is also available.

Key Features:
•    iPad app
•    Intuitive interface design
•    Drawing board
•    Take and share meeting notes
•    Take and share images
•    Reports and analytics on meetings and attendees

•    $6.99
•    $0.99 for Meeting Mapper Lite for iPhone

2. EchoSign for iOS from Adobe
app image 2EchoSign for iOS from Adobe makes it possible to sign important documents on the go. With the mobile workforce increasing every day, businesses demand maximum functionality on the road—and that often means important meetings and agreements are conducted on the road. With EchoSign, you can get the signatures you need to seal the deal.

Key Features:
•    Send documents from your library, email or other mobile app
•    Have docs signed in person on your mobile device
•    Secure, authenticated signing process

•    Free for single user, 5 contracts per month
•    Plans range from $14.95 per month to custom price plans for enterprise level

3. Workshare
Work together securely on documents and collaborate with ease knowing your information is secure and only visible to authorized persons with Workshare.  Built-in social business tools help you find and connect with experts and unlock your team’s expertise for the ultimate in productivity.

Key Features:
•    Easy collaboration among teams
•    Secure sharing platform
•    Built-in social features

•    Pricing information is not publicly available.

4. Evernote app image 3
When you’re on the road, you probably take a lot of mental notes—and then maybe you forget them. With Evernote, you can jot down notes, save links and images and even documents electronically. All your information is synched automatically and accessible via any device on which you have the app installed.

Key Features:
•    Take notes anywhere
•    Automatic synching
•    Save links, images, notes
•    Organize your thoughts into a searchable note database

•    Free

5. Citrix Go to My PC
Mobile devices have pretty impressive features these days, but they still can’t quite top the full functionality of a desktop computer. With Citrix Go to My PC, you can instantly work on your files, access your programs and connect to your network—from any device, just as though you were sitting at your own desk.

Key Features:
•    Remote access to your complete desktop
•    Connect to your personal network from anywhere
•    Access files, programs and more from any device

•    Plans start at $9.95 per month

6. Air Display
Sometimes one screen just doesn’t cut it. With the Air Display app, you can instantly—and wirelessly—turn your smartphone or tablet into a second monitor, and orient it any way you choose.

Key Features:
•    Turn any mobile device into an extra monitor
•    Wireless
•    Landscape or portrait orientation
•    Touchscreen operation

•    Air Display for Windows: $19.99
•    Host Software: Free

7. Bento
Bento is your own personal database, packed neatly into a handy little productivity app. Its functionality is anything but “little,” though, with a variety of templates designed to organize just about any aspect of your life.

Key Features:
•    Professional database software for iPad, iPhone and MAC
•    List management
•    Event planning
•    Task coordination
•    Variety of templates to organize any aspect of your life

•    iPad    $9.99
•    iPhone    $4.99
•    Mac    $49.00

8. Cubby
describe the image
Cubby is a file-synching software application created by LogMeIn, designed to eliminate the hassles and limitations of other cloud storage services.

Key Features:
•    Sync unlimited files across devices without using your cloud storage
•    Sync easily with friends and colleagues
•    Public sharing option

•    Up to 25GB Free
•    Pro: $6.99 per month when paid annually

9. iSimplyConnect
iSimplyConnect offers simple, easy access to your work network via your iPad with enterprise-class security so you can work with confidence no matter where you are.

Key Features:
•    Dial-on-Demand technology
•    No firewall configuration necessary
•    No setup costs or contracts

•    1 to 3 users: $15 per month
•    26 to 50 users: $180 per month
•    In-between plans available

10. iWork for iPad
app image 5
Create beautiful presentations from your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or MAC using Pages, Numbers and Keynote. When used in the iCloud, you can create impressive visualizations and presentations from anywhere.

Key Features:
•    Create, edit and access spreadsheets, documents and presentations
•    Work anywhere with iCloud
•    Works with iOS devices

•    $9.99 each (Pages, Numbers or Keynote)

11. Polaris OfficePolaris Office
Use all the same documents you can use on your desktop on a mobile device with Polaris Office. This app works with the iPad and iPhone, as well as Android devices.

Key Features:
•    Powerful editing features
•    Dropbox support
•    Variety of supported formats

•    Android: Free
•    iOS: $12.99

12. Priority Matrix
Get things done with Priority Matrix, a productivity application that helps you manage tasks, visually organize lists, create pro/con comparisons and more.

Key Features:
•    Visually organize and manage lists
•    Create agendas
•    Prioritize with labels and color coding with the Priority Matrix
•    Available for iPhone, iPad, MAC, Windows and Team

•    $29 to $99 per year depending on usage needs

13. LogMeIn
app image 6
Control your PC or MAC remotely with LogMeIn using your mobile device. Use all your programs and applications, get HD quality sound and video streaming and more, all as though you were sitting directly in front of your desktop.

Key Features:
•    Transfer files between computers
•    Link your cloud services for ultimate access to all your docs
•    Attach files to emails with ease
•    Access all your apps on the go

•    Free

14. Pocket
We all come across intriguing news articles and valuable information that we want to digest while we’re on the go—but since we’re on the go, we can’t give it our full attention at that moment. Pocket removes the hassles of relocating all that information by letting you quickly and easily save web pages, articles, photos and more to view later.

Key Features:
•    Save directly from your browser
•    Save info from other apps, such as Twitter, Flipboard and Pulse

•    Free

15. SignEasy
SignEasy makes it easy to get essential signatures on the go. Negotiating your next big deal in the local coffee shop? No need to wait to return to the office to sign on the dotted line.

Key Features:
•    Get legally signed documents using your smartphone or tablet
•    Text, initials and date stamp options
•    Multiple signature capabilities

•    Free

16. Orchestra
app image 7
Orchestra is packed with features to make you more productive at work and play. Orchestra forwards tasks from your email inbox so you don’t miss a beat, automatically syncs between the web and mobile app and reminds you of regular, recurring tasks so you don’t miss standing due dates and events.

Key Features:
•    Capture your to-do list on the fly with voice recognition technology
•    Set recurring tasks so you don’t miss due dates and bill payments
•    Forwarding from email to tasks
•    Automatically syncs between Web app and mobile app
•    Share lists and collaborate with other users in real time

•    Free

17. Brewster
Brewster functions like a mobile rolodex, giving you greater control over all your contacts in ways never before possible. Find out what’s going on among your network, such as who’s changing jobs, moving to another city and other important life events. Sync all your contacts from various sources and make connections you never realized with smart lists.

Key Features:
•    Smart lists help you connect dots and visualize relationships
•    Enhanced search functionality for finding info in an instant
•    Identify trends and keep tabs on your networks like never before

•    Free

18. Trello
Trello is the ultimate planning app, letting you organize your work day, complete projects or even map out life goals.

Key Features:
•    Intuitive interface
•    Cross-team collaboration with real-time status updates
•    Variety of uses, such as lesson planning, newsletter preparation, note-taking and more

•    Free

19. Uber Conference
app image 8
Simple, visual and free calling makes conferencing on the go a breeze. Whether you need to have a quick meeting between flights or a full-out conference with a larger team, Uber Conference has you covered.

Key Features:
•    In-call interface lets you know who’s on line at all times
•    Record calls for later reference
•    No PIN number hassles for users with Caller ID
•    Social integration

•    Basic accounts: Free
•    Pro accounts: $10 per month

20. Mint
Mint is the go-to application for enterprise financial management on the go. Securely connect your financial programs for easy access and control over your accounts from within a single application.

Key Features:
•    Secure integration of various financial accounts
•    One password to access all your financial details
•    Set budget goals and create financial plans

•    Free

21. WebEx by Cisco
WebEx by Cisco combines virtual meetings, file sharing and collaboration features in a single application. Share your desktop for visual demonstrations, record meetings for future reference and host dynamic webinars for marketing and training.

Key Features:
•    Apps available for Blackberry, Android, iPhone and iPad
•    Deliver online training and e-learning
•    Host informative webinars for inbound lead generation
•    Reliable security, scaleable network
•    Offer remote technical support to clients and customers

•    Basic Plan: Free, up to 3 people per meeting
•    Paid Plans range between $24 and $89 per month depending on attendees and other needs

app image 9
Customer support is everything in today’s complex business environment if you want to keep up with your competitors. With apps like, you can offer exceptional service through automated customer support ticket processes.

Key Features:
•    Complete organizational system for escalating issues and filtering cases
•    Gain customer insights
•    Labels and custom fields for easy searching
•    Bulk updating and case history functionality

•    Starter Plan: $27 per year for 3 agents
•    Plus Plan: $29 per month, per agent when billed annually ($39 when billed monthly)

23. Pushover
Pushover integrates with tons of other applications to enhance push notifications on your mobile device. That means you stay on top of your tasks, remain productive and get through your day without missing important events.

Key Features:
•    Real-time notifications to Android and iOS devices
•    API for integration into your web app or shell script
•    HTTP libraries in practically every programming language
•    No custom modules to install

•    No monthly subscription fees
•    Users receive unlimited messages for free

24. Catch
Catch is an easy-to-use application for note taking and cross-team collaboration. A Capture Wheel lets you gather ideas and inspiration through text, photos, checklists and voice memos.

Key Features:
•    Capture Wheel for gathering ideas and inspiration
•    Add content to your ideas from any device—online or offline
•    Invite others to collaborate on ideas and projects

•    Free

25. Clear
app image 10
A simplistic yet highly effective app for iPhones, Clear takes to-do lists to the next level while still maintaining the simplicity necessary for ease of use.

Key Features:
•    Simple, colorful interface
•    Reorganize and insert tasks with a simple swipe
•    Drag-and-drop functions for re-prioritizing tasks

•    $1.99 in the App Store
•    $6.99 in the MAC App Store

26. Any.DO
A simple reminder app for web, Google Chrome, Android and iPhone, keeps you on top of your tasks and priorities with automatic syncing and easy collaboration.

Key Features:
•    Syncs with web, Chrome and device apps
•    Share to-do lists with your team for easy collaboration and project management

•    Free

27. Fantastical
Fantastical is a calendar and personal assistant in one for event coordination, scheduling, task management and general productivity. Use your contact lists from Contacts (Mountain Lion) and Address Book (Mountain Lion and Snow Leopard) to send individual and mass event invitations.

Key Features:
•    Invite contacts to events
•    Schedule events, tasks and milestones
•    Easy to use

•    $19.99

28. AddAppt
app image 11
For the ultimate in contact management, AddAppt keeps your mobile, desktop and iCloud contacts up-to-date, displaying the current local time for every contact so you never call a colleague or client at the wrong time.

Key Features:
•    Maintains all contacts up-to-date in a single interface
•    Local time displays for contacts
•    Allow specific contacts to update their contact info automatically
•    Easy-to-use interface

•    Free

*BONUS* – ClickMobile
app image 12
In addition to these incredible applications to make your professional life and your company flow with ease and efficiency, ClickSoftware offers a host of solutions to completely manage your mobile workforce. ClickSoftware lets you engage with your customers in real-time, manage schedules more effectively than ever before and much more. For a completely scaleable mobile workforce management solution, ClickSoftware is the ultimate in productivity applications. Take control of your mobile teams—and the future of your enterprise—by making use of modern applications that help you stay at the top of your game.


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  • Brid

    For organize & follow tasks I prefer use my iPad than my mobile, it’s more easier and visually its better. So on iPad I use Beesy: I discovered the app on Time Management Magazine last month and since, I use this app all the time at work. Beesy offer good features as note-taking to organize, track teams in the advanced project while having a great time saver in these maneuvers.

  • Stephie Daniel

    Cool lists of business productivity apps. From the above I have almost used all the apps but I could not find one from the same that I have been using to get my work done up with ease. The task management software from Replicon which comes up with a user friendly interface and easy to use.”

  • Oliver

    The list is amazing, without a second thought. For business owners I would like to suggest a cloud based application that can do wonders with their businesses. Talygen app is an intelligent app that tracks billable time and expense on the go. A must have app!! 

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