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TM Forum: Drive Value with Creative Solutions to Persistent Challenges

TM Forum: Drive Value with Creative Solutions to  Persistent Challenges

TM Forum: Drive Value with Creative Solutions to Persistent Challenges

June 2, 2014 Kristin Amico 0 Comments

The struggles that Communication Service Providers (CSPs) face dealing with increased competition and pricing pressures coupled with heavy demand for new services are not new, fortunately there are innovative new ways to help companies tackle this problem.

cables_869Only a focused customer-centric approach, providing an experience that meets customer demand for service when they want it, and without waiting, will keep customers engaged and loyal to the provider. Simultaneously, service providers must have the agility to stay ahead of technology and take advantage of the “All IP” revolution.

Visit ClickSoftware at TM Forum (booth #26) to learn about creative fixes to old problems, and how our solutions are enabling global CSPs to:

  • Deliver superior customer service
  • Improve productivity by 33%
  • Improve first-time fix rates
  • Reduce engineer and customer no-shows
  • Simplify and promote the upsell process

Ask for a demo at the booth to view our HTML5-based mobility solutions and
enterprise apps, which are now compatible with Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.

In addition, ClickSoftware is helping CSPs deliver value and grow their business through creative solutions, including:

Gamification: New Fixes for Old Challenges
The pressing need for more bandwidth forces CSPs to constantly upgrade technology, which requires more work and continuous training for the field workforce.

The first step to combat these challenges is instituting technology to automate schedules and increase field worker productivity and accuracy through mobile-delivered applications. But not all companies who have made the switch to real-time systems are equally reaping the promised benefits. Why? In many cases slow user adoption of the application or rocky change management hinders progress.

The value of the software you are using to provide optimized schedules, route information, and better compliance reports, cannot be fully realized unless users in the field promptly and accurately provide information such timesheet data, arrival time or time of job completion. To that end enterprises large and small are turning to creative solutions such as gamification methods as a means of policy enforcement, to increase employee engagement, change behavior, drive innovation and deliver a better customer experience.

Wearables: Creating the Workforce of Tomorrow
Even with smartphones, mobile workers today still have to physically hold a device to achieve most benefits. If organizations add smartglasses, cameras and even sensors that connect job information to weather updates, the industry will be poised for even greater success.

The use of wearble cameras, for example, could further enhance real-time collaboration, providing field workers the ability to share their view with experts (no matter where their location) to more quickly make repairs or handle emergency situations. It also presents an opportunity to level the knowledge gap between seasoned employees and more junior staff. For example, if the mobile worker needs to follow a series of steps (a procedure that a ten year veteran has memorized, but for which more junior staff need a guide), it’s much faster to say “next” or touch the wearable device and view instruction via smartglasses, than it is to manually hold or swipe a smartphone.

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