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Three Ways for UK Businesses to Banish Poor Service

Three Ways for UK Businesses to Banish Poor Service

Three Ways for UK Businesses to Banish Poor Service

July 23, 2014 Kristin Amico 0 Comments

With a number of high profile customer service disasters in the past week the message is clear, consumers are unhappy and they are taking action. Our recent study, conducted by Harris Poll, found that over two-thirds (69%) of Brits have acted on their frustration when dealing with a company. Nearly half (46%) of UK consumers have demanded to speak to a supervisor, while more than 34% either cancelled their service or abandoned a brand due to poor service. Meanwhile, 15% of UK consumers vent online. Whether Facebook rant or tirade on Twitter, a consumer’s negative experience is detrimental to all brands.

customer service What can UK service companies do to improve their image?

Increase honesty
According to an infographic released by Engine Service Design, 56% of people want services to be open and honest. This entails interactions that are ‘clear, trustworthy and nothing is hidden’. Customers expect the level of service that is marketed. Providing customers with more accurate information and keeping promises are substantially crucial in today’s world of guarantee-advertising.

Become relevant
The annual 2014 report by the Institute of Customer Service found that UK organizations receive the most dissatisfaction from younger age groups. This entails that companies must adapt to current times in order to maintain customer retention. Interacting with the consumers through notifications, and updates, responding to social media posts or even video- chatting will delight those internet-savvy consumers. Public display of interest to the customer’s needs is a great way to gain new customers and keep existing ones.

Remember the customer
Right, the customer! A key principle in improving customer service is establishing a personalized experience. Organizations should store the customer’s information and tailor the experience to fit their circumstances and preferences. An article by MarketingWeek explains that customers truly enjoy a personalized experience. With these at hand, the representative can guarantee the issue is completed in the way that pleases the customer.

To avoid being yelled at by customers (one in 10 Brits admitted to doing so), the first step is to make service a priority from the top down.

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