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Think Social in the Enterprise is for the Birds? Think Again

Think Social in the Enterprise is for the Birds? Think Again

Think Social in the Enterprise is for the Birds? Think Again

November 7, 2013 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

With the world all aflutter at the recent Twitter IPO, social media is in the spotlight. But what is social’s role in the enterprise?

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While Forrester has been offering some harsh criticism for the value that Facebook and Twitter bring to marketers, the enterprise needs to go beyond these two platforms to leverage the power of social as a whole to better connect with primary stakeholders (employees, customers, partners) to drive a better experience, in addition to increasing productivity through social collaboration and knowledge sharing.

While the enterprise hasn’t fully adopted these predicted trends, including: integrating social platforms across all levels of the customer experience; integrating social into everyday work environments; better analyzing real-time social data for business intelligence and fusing social with mobile for everything from customer experience to worker productivity, the signal is clear—these trends will soon impact your business. But before the enterprise can benefit, it first needs to drive adoption.

How can the enterprise drive social adoption?

Plan for change and drive buy-in throughout all levels of the organization. A recent study from Gartner predicts that 80 percent of social business efforts will not achieve intended results through 2015. Why?  Lack of user adoption.

How do you drive user adoption? In addition to fostering an environment where change will succeed, the best advice is to integrate social seamlessly into the existing work environment. At ClickSoftware, we’ve created an app for that, SHOUT, that creates a social environment where knowledge can be shared and indexed exactly where users need it – right in the context of the workflow.

Adopt a gamification model. Part psychology, part technology, gamification is meant to make tasks more fun by attaching rewards and incentives to goals that are tracked and monitored, often by devices such as leaderboards.

By methodically introducing processes and platforms to both internal and external audiences, businesses can better drive user change to gear up for the social revolution that is happening at desktops, mobile screens and devices yet to be imagined.

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