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The Release of ClickMobile Service Pack 3

The Release of ClickMobile Service Pack 3

The Release of ClickMobile Service Pack 3

September 20, 2009 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Last month, after an extremely intensive work done by R&D, we released the new version of ClickMobile, part of ClickSoftware’s Service Optimization 7.5.7 Service Pack 3.

The new release includes a lot of improvements in the forms editor as well as improving the product support for parts execution, mobile assets management, customer history, and any kind of business information required by the field resource.

On top of the planned features, our great mobile development team managed to exceed the original original plan, and the new Service Pack includes the following additions to the product:

Service Pack 3 Features List:

1. Ability to dynamically change the visibility of controls based on expressions and conditions.

This feature will strengthen the mobile forms and at the same time simplify the configuration work when building different workflows on top of the forms. This feature was requested by many of our customers and we are happy to add it to the OOTB capabilities.

2. Injection of settings to forms add-ons

This simple but useful addition will allow the creation of context sensitive scripts that can be attached to different forms elements and perform an activity based on the relevant context.

Examples: mathematical operations, strings concatenations, custom validation and more.

3. Adding “User Defined Business Objects” and attach them to the Task Form.

This new amazing capability will allow adding new business objects representing parts, assets, equipment, inspections, jobs history, functional locations, measuring documents and points, and much more – all by following a configuration process.

Each of those objects will get a dedicated form representation to allow the creation of user friendly workflows (wizards, validations, conditions, filters and more), complied with the business requirements.

Important to say that this great addition is all about configuration – no additional development is required – everything is OOTB using ClickMobile’s visual administration tools; first you define your objects, then you add them to the mobile application, and lastly you configure the workflows on top of the forms.

I will write a dedicated post about this big addition soon.

4. Auto-population of fields based on dictionaries values

Imagine a situation where you select a spare part and the price, type, details, and other related fields are all populated automatically.

Isn’t that a time savior? Wouldn’t it reduce human mistakes?

We believe it definitely will. And at the same time increase the employees satisfaction by making their administrative work much easier.

5. Placing dynamic images inside the ClickMobile forms

The new capability will allow placing informative images in specific tab pages so that things like ‘locked tasks’, or ‘high priority tasks’ will have a significant visual indication. This capability comes on top of the existing visual capabilities to change the layout, colors, fonts of each field on the forms for better visualization of the data.

Needless to say that like any other form capability – the images will be changed dynamically based on the form content.

6. Cross fields & Global validations:

Fields validations are a great way to reduce human mistakes when filling reports from the field. With the new validation points, ClickMobile will allow placing cross fields validations (field A should be bigger than field B, and also be smaller than field C) which are placed “globally” on the forms, without having to attach them to a specific field.

Every global validator will also allow a unique error/warning message and will become “disabled” in specific conditions.

Everything is highly flexible and will give the system administrator a complete control on the field workflows.

7. Multiple documents manager (unified forms)

This feature (Internally known as the Transformer) wraps a collection of forms inside one MDI frame. The forms are being hosted in this frame which also helps navigating between them by using a navigation tree of all the open forms. This framework also allows saving and loading local backups which are relevant when working with long documents.

8. Binding tabs to specific conditions

From now on you can use the templates feature to show/hide specific tabs based on a dictionary item (for example: task type) as well as combining a second condition to the visibility of each tab to enable more flexibility.

The principal is to add more flexibility to the forms to support the fields different workflows.

9. Bugs Fixes and minor improvements

The service pack also includes some bugs fixes and minor improvements. I strongly believe that this is the best release of ClickMobile so far.
We have a few customers currently implementing SP3 and I will keep updating you all with some more hot stuff we are currently working on.

Service Pack 3 is here. Let the party begin!

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