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The next step in Field Force Management integration: Standardization!

August 1, 2011 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Author: Israel Beniaminy

There are many great reasons for automating and optimizing field force management (FFM): readers of this blog, of case studies and of research by Gartner, Aberdeen and others are already well aware of how it increases productivity and customer satisfaction while reducing operational costs. Still, FFM typically requires integration with other enterprise software, and this requirement may be seen by some as challenging or weakening the business case.


Well, since so many companies are already using, or planning to use, FFM, the time has come to standardize FFM integration in order to make FFM integration easier, cheaper, faster and more modular. The initiative came from Nokia Siemens Networks, and this has led to the creation of a TC (Technical Committee) within the OASIS international standards organization, dedicated to creating such a standard (see the message from the committee’s convener).

ClickSoftware is proud to be among the draft standard’s contributors and developers. If you care about FFM, you can join too! You may want to start with browsing the discussions, which are all public – the announcement and charter as well as the archives; or proceed directly to joining the TC (this step requires signing up for OASIS membership).

To join please click here:

Come on in – there’s a lot we can achieve by working together!


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