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The Comprehensive Gift Guide for Field Techs

The Comprehensive Gift Guide for Field Techs

The Comprehensive Gift Guide for Field Techs

December 4, 2014 Kristin Amico 0 Comments

In the field and on the job, technicians have to deal with a variety of weather conditions and unpredictable terrain. From blizzards to downpours to extreme heat, they need the best gear to be prepared for the most intense elements. We’ve rounded up a few suggestions to keep the tech in your life happy and safe this holiday. From fun to life-saving, these are the stocking-stuffer must haves.Holiday_Gifts

1. Heated Gloves
These rechargeable gloves have heat settings you can adjust depending on weather conditions. As an added bonus, they have touch screen fingertips, so technicians don’t have to worry about removing them to answer calls or messages.

2. Foldaway Polarized Sunglasses
The harsh glare from the sun can make it difficult for a technician to do their job. These glasses not only deflect sun glare and give better clarity, but they fold away for better storage. Plus it comes with its own carrying case.

3. Arctic Quilt Lined Coat
This jacket has an arctic quilt lining and hand warmer pockets, making it perfect for cold weather conditions. Plus the design of it makes it easier to move around when working in the field.

4. Waterproof Work Boots
For field workers, a good pair of work boots are essential for a day on the job. The waterproof feature of these keep feet dry for a rainy day of work, and has padded collars for comfort.

5. Relaxed Fit Flannel Lined Work Pants
Whether you’re working on a cell tower or in the middle of the ocean, the fit on these pants make it easy and comfortable to move around. As an added bonus, the flannel lining adds more comfort and warmth.

6. Samsung Gear 2
With this new gear, a worker will never have to worry about struggling to get their phone ever again. This smartwatch leaves your hands free to continue the job, while still being able to communicate with co-workers, customers, or the back office.

7. Extreme Travel Mug
Perfect for the traveling worker — the mug keeps drinks hot for up to 4 hours, or cold for up to 12! Plus the textured grip makes it easy to hold.

8. Swiss Army Champ Knife
With 33 (!) implements, this pocket knife is the perfect companion for technicians. From wire cutters to a screwdriver, this all in one tool can replace most of your gear for small jobs. The small and compact size also makes it better for travel than a heavy tool kit.

9. Heated Socks
When working in the cold, nothing is worse than frozen toes! These heated socks keep your feet warm for up to 10 hours, depending on which of the four heat settings you choose. In addition, they are made out of spandex interlock material that conforms perfectly to your feet.

10. Rechargeable Handwarmer
This handwarmer heats up to a safe 104°F to keep your fingers toasty in the cold. It also comes with a built in flashlight and charger for your cell phone!

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